Man confesses to killing mother, best friend in chilling post


Body of a man found in the US state of Mississippi is believed to be a 23-year-old Tennessee resident suspected of killing his mother and friend and writing a detailed account of the murders on Facebook.

Jasper County Sheriff Randy Johnson said the body of Casey Lawhorn was found in Vossburg, Mississippi, according to a post on the Jasper County Police Department's Facebook.

The death of Lawhorn died one day after a twisted Facebook mail detailed double kill.

"What I did is unforgivable. And prayer is a waste of time, nothing happens after death, but if there's a hell, I'll be in the ice at the bottom," read a post on a Facebook page, which allegedly belongs to Lawhorn. [19659003] "But when I'm here in Mississippi, I write this on the side of I-59 south after my car broke down, what I look forward to is nothing after death. I've spent a lot of time thinking about murder and wondering how it feels. But I hardly felt anything. "

Police told ABC News that when they visited the home on Sunday they had to force inside – where they found the body We Lawhorn and Avery Gaines , 22.

In the now-removed Facebook record, Lawhorn allegedly wrote that he shot and killed both adults "with a stolen .22 [long rifle]."

The post described Gaines as a "close friend" and claimed that We Lawhorn were drunk after spending one night in a sports bar.

"The whole event probably took 3 or 4 minutes," said the Facebook record allegedly.

"I had hoped that both should be quick and effective. I did not want my mother to die in terror to die with the knowledge that her son did it (I did not hurt our dog or cat if someone wondered about the animals). "

His friend" seemed to die soon, "he wrote.

He then marched to her mother's bedroom, where she was "disoriented with alcohol" after a night of drinking.

Lawson tried to pull the trigger but the gun stopped. He went out to fix the weapon and then "quickly slap off two shots" but missed because the room was dark.

"She started screaming the worst scream I've ever heard," he wrote. "Film really does not do justice to how true terror sounds."

"She shouted:" You shot me! You've killed me! Why? "He remembered.

Lawhorn wrote that he fought since he began at Middle Tennessee State University and had been suicidal disease since high school.

Mississippi's Jasper County Sheriff Department said Sunday evening local time when Lawhon's car was found abandoned on Interstate 59, but Lawhorn was not in the vehicle. Dade County Sheriff Office previously wrote on Facebook the Lawhorn after getting gasoline in Dade County around kl. Sunday it was supposed to drive south to Georgia, but it seems that he never did it there.

The alleged confession was sent to Facebook around 17:00. Sunday and said the shooter occurred at 1.30 that morning. East Ridge Police says that they have not yet verified the authenticity of the post and the details in it.

This article was originally shown on Fox News and has been reissued with permission.

If you or someone you need support call Lifeline at 13 11 14, Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or visit



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