Ariarne Titmus wins gold in 400m freestyle to follow 800m victory


The fresh pool queen Ariarne Titmus was crowned by swimming royalty on Tuesday evening when the big Tracey Wickham broke up at the school's ascent that took Australian distance, swam back to the top.

Wickham hung the gold medal on breakout new star like Queen Elizabeth had made for her after her last race in the same 400m freestyle when the Commonwealth Games was the last in Queensland 36 years ago.

Anyone who saw the front Wickham in her prime when he beat world recordings in the late 1970s and win four Commonwealth Games gold would have recognized the same rhythm and high-stroke rating in the relentless Titmus style .

At just 17, Titmus now accedes to her as a distance swimming marvel by imitating the golden 400m-800m freestyle double, as Wickham achieved twice in Edmonton (1978) and Brisbane (1982).

Titmus admitted to a hard night with a little sleep after her 800m victory on Monday night, but no one ever had to snatch her over eight laps last night.

Her arms rolled round after shooting, as she turned out "to be a swim, you must be the hardest in the pool." She led down the first shot and won five.

The only five names in front of her on the world's all-time list after her Australian record time in 4 min 00.93 sec are all Olympic champions.

"I was so nervous about this race," said Titmus.

"I've never felt nerves like this before, and it was not because I was afraid of the result, I just did not want to overlook the expectations I set myself."

"I knew if I came in here and went 4:02 it would have been a mistake because I went 1:54 for my 200m earlier this week and translate it for a four-minute swim is perfect." [19659003] The youngsters have swam longer than Launceston to Brisbane in training since leaving Tasmania in 2015 to strengthen their dreams under taskmaster coach Dean Boxall, who will be sporting a now-hairstyle today.

"If I walked for 4 minutes, Dean would shave his head, but he should still get it in braids, deadset," said the sparkling young at the poolside.

Titmus returns to year 12 studying at Brisbanes St. Peters Lutheran College next week with bling crowded from his Aussie kitbag after two individual golds, a 200m freestyle silver and a relay gold.

Wickham, 55, admitted to being more nervous than some evening Sims on the Gold Coast, where she saw a new star in front of her own eyes.

"The beat, high stroke rating … it reminds me how I used to swim," said Wickham, Breaker at her top.

"She has not had the complete smile on her face this week until now because she knew she had done this job," said Wickham, who lives only a few laps from the Games pool on the Gold Coast.

"Ariarne is going to lie just around her 19th to the Olympics (by 2020) and she'll just do well if she stops the hard work."

No Australian had won a Commonwealth Play gold over 400m or 800m since 1998, showing that Titmus is the rare figure that goes up to the most staggering working morals in the pool like Ilsa Konrads, Karen Moras, Jenny Turrall, Hayley Lewis and Wickham before her.



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