TV star claims accuser wanted money


BILL Cosby's high profile Hollywood attorney today painted the woman claiming that the television star was driving and sexually attacked her as a "con artist", motivated only by greed.

Andrea Constand, 44, was paid a massive $ 4.4 million in a bourgeois settlement of the actor in 2006, a fact that was held out of the first attempt but could be crucial to this.

Ms. Cosby says that payment was not a fault in guilt, but an attempt to avoid further inconvenience and expense.

Ms Constand claims that the comedian gave her pills that made her woozy when she was at his home in Philadelphia, and then penetrated her with her fingers while she was half conscious and unable to accept. [19659003] "Andrea Constand was 30 years old, Mr. Cosby was in the mid 60's," Tom Mesereau, assuring Michael Jackson dismissing child custody charges, told the court. "She was not attracted to him, she said it in interviews, but she was mad in love with her fame and money."

The couple met at the television star's alma mater, Temple University, where Mrs Constand was the director of operations for women's basketball team.

Mesereau, a characteristic figure with liquid white hair, said the defense would call a witness working with Constand, claiming that Cosby's charges told her: "I can say I was attacked, I can create a club, I can get a lot of money for my business. "

Marguerite Johnson's testimony was not allowed in the first trial that ended in a hanging jury after Constand said she did not know the woman. Sir. Cosby's lawyer said that they collected six times on basketball trips.

Mrs. Johnson will tell the court "she had a bad feeling" and "something wrong with Mrs Constand's behavior" when the alleged victim told her that she had been attacked by a strong person.

Mr. Mesereau also said that Mrs Constand had taken two courses on sexual assault in the temple.

"She was very sophisticated in this area – she knew what she was doing and ladies and gentlemen, she pulled it said," said the lawyer.

He told her story about her relationship with Mr. Cosby, and the assault was changed during her three police talks to suit the civil court.

"She was very unclear on facts," said Mr Mesereau.

He outlined a picture of a woman who had "a history of financial problems until she hit the jackpot with Bill Cosby."

He said that she stared teammates on banknotes and credit cards after college complained about money a

Cosby later introduced Constand to a Cosby Show producer, his agent and a movie producer because she hoped to become a television broadcaster in the Olympics, said Mr Mesereau. "She stated that nothing had come out of her relationship with him. And she did not like it."

The lawyer said Constand drove to Cosby's home six or seven times, drank brandy and wine with him and brought him incense . He had touched her waist and inside and given her perfume.

"Did she tell him he did not touch her?" Asked the lawyer. "No, she wanted him to know it was a big score for her."

He said that she had described an apartment where she drove to the hotel for four or five hours in Connecticut and sat in her hotel room bed and one in as he had removed his pants and tried to touch her.

Mr. Mesereau said that Constand did not report the alleged attack for a year and had broken the evidence and moved back to Canada. She then proceeded to contact Mr. Cosby, called him more than 40 times and met him with his family at a show in Canada that gave him presents, he added.

"If this happens and you do not want it, why do you keep going back and back and back? Because you want something. She is now a multi millionaire because she has pulled it off."

Barbara Ziv, a forensic psychiatrist with 18 years of experience investigating criminal offenders and victims, is able to testify today about both the prosecutor's and prosecutor's behavior. [19659003] Cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assaults, each punished by up to 10 years in prison, which would actually be a death sentence for the 80-year-old.

He denies all charges.

The first trial last year ended with a hang jury. Revised trial is expected to last a month.



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