Bootleg booze kills 82 in Indonesia


Indonesian authorities say that the number of people who died to consume homemade fake alcohol on the Java island has risen to 82 and seven suspects have been arrested in relation to the incident.

Deputy Chief of the National Police Muhammad Syafruddin said in a press conference in Jakarta that 51 people died in West Java province since Friday when they were taken to hospital.

The other 31 died from the capital city of the provincial capital Bandung and began to be hospitalized at the beginning of the month, according to the police in Jakarta, Argo Yuwono, who is also present at the press conference.

The hospital in Cicalengka City, located 25 km east of Bandung, has participated in most accidents – 147 patients since Friday, of which 31 died according to hospital records opened by Efe.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cicalengka participated in the hospital at about 37 people after discharge of 110. [19659003] At the press conference, the police presented six suspects of the seven arrested in Jakarta to sell counterfeit alcohol, which according to laboratory analysis contained methanol.

Methanol is a colorless, flammable and toxic chemical compound used as antifreeze, a solvent and fuel.

Alcohol sales in Indonesia, a country where Muslims account for 88 per cent. of its 260 million inhabitants are regulated and subject to high taxation.

Nahdlatul Ulama, the country's largest Muslim organization and of moderate character, opposed last year a ban on alcohol followed by the most conservative section due to the dangers of consuming fake alcohol.



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