Cystic fibrosis claims Matt Maartensz and tears couple who met in hospital apart


KAILA Maartensz's Instagram account is a living testament to lasting love and a heartbreaking battle.

It tells about the love story with his husband Matt Maartensz, 29, who touched many hearts when he was fighting cystic fibrosis.

He lost his fight with the debilitating lung situation on March 31, by dying at home, his beloved wife by his side.

"I do not even have the words to express how much I loved you how much I'll miss you and where heart failure I'm right now," she wrote to Instagram the day he died. "I'll love you forever my violent dinosaur."

Matt's lungs failed him, but he and Kaila, who also suffer from cystic fibrosis, loved each other big, with each breath.

When she asked his dying man what he would change, his response was not his failing lungs.

"Dance more" was the answer.

"So Dance", an emotional Kaila 32, wrote in a post to her Instagram account late last week in the wake of her loss.

"When You Can and What You Want. And Think of Matt While You Dance."

There is a bittersweet irony in the fact that the disease that killed Matt and cut the young couple's love story so short is that same that brought them together.

The couple met as children in Perth's Princess Margaret Hospital – both diagnosed with cystic fibrosis – according to an online fundraising page created for the couple as Matts health sprouted down last year to help them breathe more easily , at least economically.

Regulates the departments as they grew up. He wrote her a letter of love when he was 15, and she was 13.

They fell in love with adults, both fighting for lungs that continued to worsen.

In 2013, Kaila received a lung transplant. Matt followed in 2014 and received his new lungs in the same week, he asked Kaila to marry him.

In 2015, they knot barely, pleasingly happy.

& # 39; I do not want to leave & # 39;

But in December last year, Matt was taken in and struggled to breathe.

After two weeks of intensive care, doctors told them there was nothing they could do to help him.

He fought anyway – "for every breath" – friend Angela Terry wrote on fundraising since she set up.

"Kaila means the world to me and I will do all I can to keep in my world," he told West Australian from his hospital bed in February.

"I'm not even 30. I will not leave yet."

One month ago, he left home from the hospital and needed 24-hour care.

On 27 March, Kaila was exposed to their love and struggle.

"Look at someone you love to waste before your eyes are completely" 19659003] "When they tell you that seeing you still make them happy every single day despite all the trauma." It happens to them , it makes you aware that you are actually one of the lucky ones. To have a love like ours, even in a time like this one. "

The couple decided in December last year to make every minute count.


] Two days ago, she wrote In a heartbreaking post, the things she had learned when the doctors ran out of hope in December last year.

"Things I've learned over the last four months," began the post. [19659003] "If you want to travel , do it … and book the nicer room and bid on the flight upgrade.

"When you want to stay home, do it too. If you want to sit on the couch all day so you'll see Netflix, binge a whole series a day.

" Laugh yourself. But do not be afraid to cry.

"Get up late and chat with your husband about every little thing in mind. Do not worry about getting up early. You can go to sleep.

" Enjoy the little moments. It's something you need to be aware of, but the little moments are some of the most special.

"Do not add to your phone but take pictures of all the memories. Take pictures until your phone can not last longer. And do not forget to back them up."

It continued to afford to eat chocolate , "take care of your body"; Tell people what you feel about them do not wait for special occasions to buy gifts; "Pamper every dog ​​you see", do not feel sorry to grow older, volunteers and sleep sometimes "especially with the person (or pet) you love."

And "breath".

"I do not think there are many people who do not take the breath for granted.

Kaila will farewell Matt at a funeral in Perth tomorrow.

He has required those who attend the funeral and carry bright colors.

Kaila goodbye goodbye. At some point there will be dance.



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