Flu shot protects against Brisbane strain


The Australians are again invited to protect themselves before the influenza season of the year.

The Brisbane virus is one of four strains that are included in this year's vaccine.

The Australian Medical Association President Michael Gannon said because flu constantly mutated vaccine producers often looked at which tribes had hit countries on the other side of the world during the winter.

The World Health Organization recommended the Brisbane virus included in this year's vaccine.

It is not a new strain and also formed part of the vaccines 2016 and 2017.

Dr. Gannon said the vaccine 2018 protected against the Brisbane virus, as well as two A strains and another B strain.

"It is so important that we reassure people about safety to be vaccinated," he said to AAP on Wednesday.

"Over the last four years, we have seen an increase in the number of influenza alarms in Australia and it is worrying."

Dr Ganno n said part of the reason for the higher number of people diagnosed, because of Australia's aging population.

"There is a higher proportion of the population in society who is vulnerable to getting sick," he said.

The truth is that we are always worried about the flu. "

The influenza vaccine takes up to 14 days to be effective so people are encouraged to become immunized before the season begins in May.



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