Michael steals Lisa from Luke


In the most dramatic scene since Keira stamped around with a frozen daiquiri, Michael has drawn a dogpipe that sent shock waves around the bachelor of the paradise island.

"No matter what bridge code it was, it has not only been stopped. It has been definitely decimated," says Luke, when Michael stole her girl at Wednesday's rosary ceremony.

Maybe a dash dramatically, but surely, whatever.

Since Michael washed up on the island, he did not really like anyone. Except Lisa. He may think he might like Lisa, but she has kissed Luke so he left her alone.

And when it is announced that boys are those who control the roses tonight, he is sent to a spin.

"What hell should I do? I got none. I have not had any real relationships. I have not given a rose to a girl I really wanted to know," Michael told Keira. Because when you need a trusted confidential, it's perfectly reasonable that you choose Keira.

"The problem is there are so many couples now. Half of people are out of play," he continues. "I've never had a chance to spend some time with Lisa ever."

He says he may like Lisa, but he does not want to make Luke cry, but then he remembers loyalty is for losers.

"I'm sick to play games, I'm mad to crush. And I'll finally give a rose

to someone I want to learn."

It's at this time that Keira realizes that – without pink Jarrod interested in her more – no-one is left to hold her here.

So Keira closes a plan. She decides to change Michael's loneliness and leave himself in him.

The interaction goes like this.

Keira: "Please choooooose meeeeeee."

Michael: "Nobody Go Away, Let It Stop It, You Smell Like Daiquiri."

Again, Michael Keira chooses to be his most trusted companion on the island and reveals that he has an explosive move in the store in evening.

Keiro's left wing is in conflict. She hates feeling rejected, but enjoying the threatening drama. As she stumbles back to the frozen daiquiri machine, Michael directs over to Lisa and paves the way for destruction.

Meanwhile, Eden gets cross with Nina for not having sex with him at a pool lilo and calling her selfish.

At the roses ceremony just moments later, we wait for Michael to release his carefully reared bombing.

"This is the hardest decision I've made. And I almost feel that I would sell if I did not do that," he says. He explains that for the last few ceremonies he has given roses to girls he does not even like. It's brutal, but we ignore the fool.

"I do not want to do it anymore. I'm aware of the consequences. I sold out. I do not do that anymore."

And then he chooses Lisa.

We cut to Luke. He seems heartbreaking, but it could just be his face.

"No matter what bridge code it was, it has not only been stopped. It's definitely decimated," he says.

"It's an absolute train break," Sam says, which is a total coincidence, because that's exactly what I say every time I see his man's knight.

The great sense of guilt begins to hurry through Michael. He can not handle it. Sobbing, he runs out of tiki hut.

The cameramen go hard and ready and chase him. Seconds later we find Michael fighting on earth in his white capri pants.

"I'm a dog mate. I beat my friend," he cries.

Michael may feel bad, but Luke feels worse. Now he is lumpy with the chore about choosing a girl he has never even talked to.

Keira or Nina? He does not like any of them, but as he is here for lols, Keira chooses.

There are frozen daiquiris around.

For more observations on white capri pants and pool lilo sex, follow me on Twitter: @hellojamesweir




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