Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over Riyadh


SAUDI The Arab Air Force has escaped a ballistic missile over Riyadh, says state media after at least three winds have been heard and three cloud clouds were seen in the sky above the capital.

Yemen's Houthis has intensified missile attacks on the kingdom in what it says is the retaliation of air attacks by a Saudi-led coalition that fights the Iranian adjusted armed movement.

Houthi television network Al Masirah said the target was the Saudi Arabian Defense Ministry. There were no immediate reports of injury.

A man was killed in Riyadh last month of waste after the military shot down a missile, the first accident in the Yemen war in the Saudi capital.

Saudi Arabia and a coalition of most Arab Arab states intervened in Yemen Civil War in 2015 to try to push the Houthisans after the movement drove the internationally recognized government to Saudi exile.

The attack marked the fourth time in five months as missiles flew over Riyadh as the Houtsis increase the effort to demonstrate that they can reach the Saudi capital and threaten to escalate a regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Coalition has launched thousands of air strikes in Yemen, which have hit schools, markets and hospitals that kill hundreds of people – even though it says it's not targeted at civilians.



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