Wild road rage brawl caught on dashcam


CRAZED motorist caused terror at a suburb of Sydney Street yesterday when he violently revved a chainsaw under an evil rage that was captured on film at the peak.

The bizarre disgust, apparently triggered by another motorist's innocent actions that had driven his vehicle in traffic, took place at the busy Horsley Drive in Fairfield at 17:00.

Dashcam footage currently caught a shirtless man sprinting up to a white jeep that got into traffic before throwing a blow on the driver through an open window.

The stunned driver, a 34-year-old man, ran out of his car and the couple began to curl on the road.

Two other men, traditions wearing hi-vis shirts, came out of a nearby car to help the driver. The three men eventually killed the shirtless man and fastened him to the ground before he left him to see him return to his car.

"Then they let him go so he went back to his car and we thought everything was done, said Witness John Melal.

But it was far from when the man returned to him to

Mobile recordings showed that the man tore the chainsaw when he went back to Jeepen, who then drove away as spectators screamed.

"It's crazy, strange, I never see this, I see only in movies, "said Melal.

The shirtless man retracted to his own vehicle

" Put your phone down, "he said to the person behind the camera when he revved the saw saw.

" Stop shooting . "

A spokesman from the NSW police said the detectives investigated.

" This type of behavior is not acce ptable in our society anyway, "she said.



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