Cut alcohol to less than 10 drinks a week


Alcohol consumption should be limited to less than 10 standard drinks per week to reduce the risk of premature death, suggesting new research.

This is significantly less than the "two-day" currently recommended under the National Alcohol Consumption Guidelines.

A landmark survey, published in The Lancet, has found to drink more than 100g of alcohol per week of reduced people's life at 40 years at between six months and five years.

The more people drank, the higher the risk of a number of life-threatening diseases, including stroke and heart failure, according to the analysis of nearly 600,000 drinkers from around the world.

"The key message in this research for public health is that if you already drink alcohol drinking less can help you live longer and reduce the risk of multiple cardiovascular conditions," says the author Dr. Angela Wood, University of Cambridge.

A team of international researchers analyzed data taken from 83 living doors in 19 high income countries. The researchers also had access to data on participants' age, sex, diabetes history, smoking status and several other factors known to be related to cardiovascular disease. None of the participants had a known history of cardiovascular disease.

The survey included data from 599,912 current drinkers. About 50 percent reported drinking more than 100g / week and 8.4 percent drank more than 350g / week.

The study showed an increase in all causes of death among those who took more than 100 grams of alcohol per week that support calls to reduce alcohol consumption limits.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) said Friday that the Australian guidelines on alcohol consumption were currently under review.

"Evidence of alcohol consumption's health impacts is under way, which will help inform the recommendations in the revised guidelines. Until then, Alcohol Guidelines 2009 remains NHMRC's current advice," says an NHMRC statement.



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