Donald Trump called ‘dishonourable’ by John Kelly: Comey


EXPLOSIVE DETAILS have been leaked from the former FBI director James Comey's new book, claiming that the White House Chief of Staff, Donald Trump, "scary" and said he was "sick" of what happened in Washington .

An "emotional" John Kelly, then head of the Department of Homeland Security, called Mr Comey within minutes that the news of his fire came up according to the former intelligence chief's forthcoming memoir.

Mr. Kelly allegedly said he did not want to work for dishonest people, "said Comey after Trump had dismissed the FBI boss in an apparent rage over the Bureau's investigation of his campaign's alleged consultations with Russia.

Kelly said he was "ill" about the situation

The phone call was first reported last year by CNN, but the details of the conversation have emerged from Com Eyes memoir higher loyalty was leaked to Daily Beast .

Mr Comey said he convinced Mr. Kelly not to leave and said "this president" more than those should be surrounded by people with integrity.

But the revelation in his book could trigger an exit to the White House Chief of Staff, while Mr Trump already makes it clear that he can operate without Mr. Kelly, who allegedly offered his resignation in February.

It's just the first of a series of dramatic claims that are said to be included in the book.

A source told Axios that Commissioner Comey's first interview since he was fired sat in the air Sunday at. 22:00 in the United States will "shock the president and his team" and "definitely add more meat to the charges that curl around Trump ."

Mr Comey claims to compare Mr Trump with a mob boss in the interview 20/20 with ABC's George Stephanopoulos

The interview was reportedly a surreal experience, leaving people in the room stunned.

But the White House already runs cold water on the claims that Comey will make in his memoir, which is on Tuesday. 19659003] A senior official contested the statement by the former FBI chief of the call and said that Kelly did not call Mr. Trump outrageous and maintained that it was a short one-minute call in line with "I do not know why you were fired, good luck to you. "

The legend of Comey's book promises the former FBI boss – acting as US deputy general secretary for George W. Bush and was appointed to the intelligence agency of Barack Obama in 2009 – will share" never before experienced experiences from some of the highest stacking situations in his career in the last two decades of American government, exploring what a good and ethical leadership looks like and how it governs sound decisions.

"His journey gives us an unprecedented try in power corridors and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader.

"From prosecution of the Mafia and Martha Stewart to help change the Bush administration's torture and electronic surveillance policies that monitor the Hillary Clinton email inquiry Comey has also been involved in some of the most subsequent cases and policies in recent history. "And beyond revenge.

The website, as CNN reports were approved by Washington, contains an ad that shows Democrats criticizing the ex-FBI boss decision making. One of them is Mrs. Clinton, who partly owed her election missile on Comey, resuming an investigation of her use of private email server just before the vote.



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