Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress, wife Priscilla Chan absent


She is the driving force that has been on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg throughout the Cambirdge Analytica data bride scandal.

However, as the Facebook founder fronted two marathon hearings before the Congress – where he was forced to alleviate bitter allegations about his company's power – Priscilla Chan was by no means seen.

The 33-year-old pediatrician who shares two young daughters with the Facebook founder did not participate in the Washington DC consultations

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In the event of a wrong identity, Getty photo agency is published by the testimony that mistakenly identified Zuckerberg's adjunct adjunct Andrea Besmehn as his wife.

During their marriage – the couple met in Harvard University during 2003 – Chan and Zuckerberg have always maintained a united front that makes her absence the hearings out of character.

They have pledged around $ 4.6 billion to charitable organizations, including a $ 75 million donation to the San Francisco General Hospital, where Chan worked.

After the birth of their first daughter Max in 2015, she was obliged to donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares, valued at 45 billion. dollars, to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropic organization focusing on health and education. [19659010] The family lives in a sumptuous manor house that has undergone extensive refurbishment when they bought it for $ 7 million, near Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Chan has maintained a strong social media value as Zuckerberg faces the collapse of data crimes but has spaced from the scandal.

On March 31, Zuckerberg built his two-day barbeque in Washington, DC, a good parliamentary grip on the couple who ate lunch at their eldest daughter on a weekend break.

On March 4, just weeks before the Cambridge Analytica-whistleblower Christopher Wylie revealed how Dr. Aleksandr Kogan harvested data from Facebook users and shared it with Cambridge Analytica, the loving couple sent another happy snap. This time they brought cookies to the Jewish holiday in Purim.

Chance's life story and family background encapsulate the American dream.

The philanthropist's parents were Chinese refugees who fled Vietnam in both, she grew up speaking both Cantonese and English

On April 4, the day before Zuckerberg was confronted with the congress, Chan explained to her story when she announced her foundation launch of Communities Thrive challenge on Facebook.

"My life is an incredible irregularity," wrote Chan. "I'm a daughter of Chinese-Vietnamese refugees who came to this country with nothing."

"To be able to go to Harvard and pursue a career in medicine and public service demanded a lot of love and compassion as well as lucky."

"We must build a future where people do not have to depend on luck to to succeed. "

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Priscilla was educated as class electorate in 2003. She was the highest ranked student among her peers who voted her" class genius "of her fellow students.

Chan then continued to study at Harvard University, where she met and began to dance Mark Zuckerberg.

For her surprise's wedding in 2012, Chan famously bought her Claire Pettibone bird's dress from rack to $ 4700, despite the huge wealth of the couple.

The couple told friends and family that they hosted a party at home to celebrate Chans graduation, but shocked everyone to be hitched.




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