Kilmore races abandoned in alleged sabotage attempt; steel stakes in racetrack


POLICE will be called to investigate the circumstances that led to a rally in Kilmore that was abandoned.

Thursday's meeting was abolished before the first race after two steel bars had been driven into the track following a routine Racing Victoria stewards course inspection.

Kilmore Racing Club CEO Ben Murphy said his club was


"We are not angry at The decision that has been made, "Murphy told Broadcaster

"What we are angry with and really disturbed is that someone has taken the time to do what they have done on the pitch, to what we can only imagine is to create chaos."

"We will definitely come into contact with our local police in the afternoon and work with the stewards with a survey. "

" We take this very seriously and let no stone be unworthy to try to find out who has taken it for itself to do it today. "

Horizontal on the court before the meeting executives found two star-star posts, about 40 cm long, had been driven into the track two meters from the rail, close to 400 m. [19659003] Robert Cram, who was in charge of Thursday's meeting, could not stewards are completely satisfied as there were no other steel posts stored as the track had a sound coverage of grass.

"There is an immense safety risk that the managers were I'm ready to take," said Cram.

" We found two bets and we went twice. "

" The riders were in doubt because of the long grass today that there was no more lying under the grass canopy. "Cram said an honest discussion took place with the jockeys, who unanimously decided not to continue with the meeting.



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