Woman falls overboard from Pacific Dawn cruise ship


A woman has fallen aboard the cruise ship Pacific Dawn, with a great search now on the way.

A crew member saw that the woman fell over the ship around 16:00 AEST, 150 miles west of New Caledonia, said the ship's owner P & O.

"A crew member immediately notified the bridge and" Overboard & # 39; 39, event response was activated immediately, spokesman David Jones said in a statement.

"In accordance with this response, Pacific Dawn turned around to follow the course it was at the time of the incident." [19659003] Australian Maritime Safety Bureau and New Caledonian authorities have issued a call to nearby vessels to assist in the search.

Brisbane man Damien Pesch goes on board with his family and told AAP conditions in the search the area is rough, with 3 to 4 meters swells and night there has already fallen.

Mr Pesch said that little information was provided to passengers about the situation other than the search for the missing woman. The ship had been on a week's long cruise in the Pacific the lakes that left Brisbane last Saturday.

The ship was in Coral Sea, tied to Brisbane on the return leg when the incident occurred.

Another man, Jon Trevithick, who thought to be a passenger on the ship, sent a picture on Twitter at. 17.30 by a single rescue ring in the sea. "Horrendous here on a ship," he wrote.

Asked if it was "just an exercise" he replied: "This is right".

More to come.



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