Australian Megan Anderson to fight Holly Holm in July in first UFC appearance


Australian fighter Megan Anderson has laughed at proposals she runs from a showdown with UFC megastar Cris Cyborg saying, "I'm not running anyone."

A Gold Coaster All Tattoos, Quick Hands And Invicta Fourth Title, Anderson has told The Daily Telegraph she will be catapulted right into a fight with Cyborg – aka The Dangerous Woman on Planet – will she win her UFC debut on The subcard of Aussie middleweight champ Rob Whittaker.

Already ranked among the world's best female warriors, Anderson is now finally set to make his first Octagon look at American Holly Holm on the UFC 225.

The message ends with a 17-month waiting for Queenslander originally scheduled for debut against Cyborg in California last July – but retreated by quoting "personal reasons".

"And because of that, some people could not understand what was happening," says Anderson. "But I'm not from Cris."

"The battle I love it. My team loves it.

"Even recently, when I spoke to my manager who they would give us to my UFC debut, we still said" OK, let's see if it's Cris? " .

And when you were offered Holm, Americans were famous for knocking out Ronda Rousey through the main park?

"There was a left field," admits Anderson. "I did not expect the opponent, but it's still a challenge

" And I'm excited to showcase my abilities to some of Holly's caliber.

"So if I win, I hope the UFC gives me Cris because it's the fight I want.

" But people must understand I'm not able to demand opponents. This is the fight UFC offered me, and at night I hope to get my hand upright.

"And then I want to fight with Cris.

" So while the UFC does what the UFC wants, Cris is the struggle I want. "

And how about handling more than a year of those who run heavy?

" It took me a long time to get used to this kind of negativity, "admits Anderson." Of people who say & # 39; oh, you are ducking Cris & # 39; and so on.

"But I'm at one point in my life now where people can say what they like. I do not care.

" I know what really happened. "

" There were some things, That forbade me to take the (Cyborg) camp, things that were not in my control.

"And the & # 39; Personal, something close to me.

" But the most important thing is now that I'm ready to go. "

" So the only opinions I worry about about, are my and the people I trust. They know what happened and are excited to take this next challenge with me. "

The UFC 225 has now become a massive card for Aussie champions, where Whittaker set to defend his title for the first time against Cuban Yoel Romero and unbeaten Sydney heavyweight Tai Tuivasa also reached No. 9 ranked Andre Arlovski.



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