Awareness of local botanicals and flavours is helping drive South Australia’s gin trend


SOUTH Australia's thirst for the next big drink just does not want to be slapped.

We have craft beer, natural wines, hipster coffee makers.

And now gin on everyone's lips, the coolest spirit and cocktail inspiration in small bars across Adelaide as well as slotting beautifully in taste Australia's vibrant event of events kicking out Friday night in Victoria Square and across SA regions.

It started at Electra House with Royal Park-based Never Never Gin Distillations their Drinks International's Top 10 Global Listed Triple Juniper Gin in a master class exploring different tonics, herbs, citrus and botany that is at the heart of the current trendy gin and cocktail culture.

In the afternoon at East End's popular gin palace The Howling Owl, several distillery companies and their gin business partners will explore the various flavors and aromas of SA-made craftsmen and tonics.

With pioneer distillery, Kanga Roo Island-based Jon and Sarah Lark of KIS Spirits, fans can create their own gin from a variety of tasty spirits, so taste some of the best local gins with a variety of garnishes. The session will be repeated next Saturday.

Earlier this afternoon, in Tasting Australia's Victoria Square hub, and next Friday and Saturday, Larks will also lead one of the East End Cellars series of beverage masterclasses in another DIY gin blend session

On Thursday, Tasting Australia organizes the opening Spirit Awards with more than 160 participants. Half of them radiate from all over Australia.

SA takes the global gin dill has gone to the next level and fits perfectly with our groundbreaking attitude in regional, local and especially Australian native products, said Adelaide Hills Distillery Brendan Carter.

"Gin has imprisoned many consumers because of its botanical nature," said Carter.

"And it coincides at the exact same time as the growing interest in Australian original ingredients."

Hovsejer owner Mick Krieg said that SA's love for gin is driven by our passion for excitement of flavors in both food and drink.

From a consumer's point of view, he said that there are so many variations in the botany and ingredients that are now used to end up with quite dramatic taste profiles, which is exciting for a generation brought on a variety of food, wine , beer and spirits flavors and styles.

"Although not unique to South Australia, there is also a greater awareness here than ever about local products and original ingredients," he said. 19659003] "We surely beat the average in restaurants and bars when it comes to that kind of produce."

For more about Tasting Australia events, visit



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