Bail for man accused of M1 gang assault of Brock Prime


A man accused of a violent bandbase leaving Gold Coast merchant Brock Prime who fought for his life has been awarded a warrant in a Brisbane court.

Jonathan Christopher Lawerence, 26, was accused of serious bodily harm in February after joining Brock Prime with either a deck iron or a ball carrier after a hunt along the M1 motorway, along with three other men.

He was granted a bail in the Supreme Court of Brisbane this morning after his defense attorney Chris Nyst claimed he would not be an unacceptable risk if he was released.

The court heard that Prime, who was left with a broken skull and a broken leg after the attack, apparently started the cat and the mouse chased along the highway by confronting another man.

"It seems common that the complainant in the case initiated the entire confrontation," said Newest to the court.

The men, allegedly attacking Prime, were on a night of sleep when the alleged incident occurred on February 24th.

Mr. Prime was in coma for several weeks after the incident after the dirt from the weapon, which he allegedly was hit by h caused an infection to spread to his brain, said doctors.

Lawerence was granted bail on several conditions, including compliance with a curfew.

The other men who were accused of Primeer's alleged attack remain in court.



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