Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial: Andrea Constand wants justice


BILL Cosby's main prosecutor testified on Friday by his sexual assault renewal and told a jury that she wants justice after five other women who testified that the man once revered as "America's Dad" is a serial killer who also harmed them.

Andrea Constand's appearance was her second chance of confronting Cosby in court after his first attempt ended with a hang jury. This time, however, she will meet a defense team that intends to portray her as a "con artist" who hit him for money.

Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau told jury members in a letter of initiation on Tuesday that Mrs. Constand was a pauper who founded roommates on bills, racked up big credit card debt and once drove a Ponzi scheme until she hit "jackpot" in 2006 when Cosby paid her $ 3.4 million to settle a civil trial Mr Constand filed after District Attorney at the time dropped the case

Ms Constand told jury members Friday, she has nothing to gain financially now by wishing Cosby locked.

"Constand, why are you here?" Prosecutor Kristen Feden. "For justice," said Constand.

Ms Constand, an athletic 6-footer who grew 45 this week, said that Cosby pulled and smuggled her in her suburbs Philadelphia Manor in January 2004 when she was a women's basketball administrator at his alma mater, Temple University . She said Cosby offered her pills when she said she was "stressed" to tell the Temple Women's basketball coach about her plans to leave for massage treatment in her native Canada. He called the pills "your friends" and told her that they would "help to get rid of."

Instead, Mrs. Constand said that the pills made her black out. She woke up to find Cosby who penetrated her fingers and put her hand on her penis. She said that she was still incapacitated and "could not do anything" at the assault.

Her claim is the only one among dozens against Cosby who has led to criminal charges. He says that Mrs Constand agrees in a sexual meeting and refuses to be incapacitated.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said that Cosby's new defense team has investigated Constand's testimonies and statements from last year and found "even more discrepancies". the five further prosecutors who testified as "distracting" and "lawyers for prosecution" and for Constand. Only another prosecutor was allowed to take care of Cosby's first attempt. The women, Mr Wyatt said, acted in "poetic licensing, better known as alternative facts," and pioneered an "Ocean's 11th-style script" cooked by lawyers Gloria Allred and her daughter, Lisa Bloom, "repress Mr. Cosby for $ 100 million."

Ms Allred fled a proposal that Cosby set aside a piece of his fortune to compensate accusations, but he never agreed.

"When this American citizen did not comply with Mrs Allred's Ransom message, she paraded in a stole of women to ruin her heritage, his career and reputation," said Wyatt.

Conches lawyer, Dolores Troiani, called the attacks on her client "outrageous" and "basal" and cleared Cosby's team to destroy her reputation in courtroom where lawyers are immune to prosecution cases – and in statements to the media.

"This is the kind of man Cosby's," she said. "We had a deal and this deal should be for both parties. It's not hush money and I really restore people calling it hush money. It's compensation for the injuries done to her." The defense says that Mrs Constand explained that she got the right order for a temple colleague, Marguerite Jackson. Cosby's lawyers plan to call Jackson as a witness and say she will testify that Mrs Constand met on the framing of a celebrity before she filed sexual abuse charges against Cosby in 2005.

Ms Jackson, a long-term stamp Official, has said that she and Mrs Constand worked closely together, had been friends and had shared hotel rooms several times. She has said that Mrs Constand once commented on her to create a "high profile person" and filing suit.

On Friday Friday, Constand said that she remembered having a hotel room for herself at the temple's away basketball game and did not ever remember rooming with Ms. Jackson.



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