Kimberley kids run amok in crime spree


Children, as young as 10, are among more than 50 young people who face a three-week crimes in Kimberley.

The wave of burglaries and burglaries in Kununurra until last week was so great that the local police should encourage reinforcements to help handle the scope of investigations.

Business owners in the tourist city also count the costs, while some consider expensive and incredible security upgrades.

The Spackman family has been running businesses in the city since the early 1980s, including the IGA Supermarket, Retravision, Tavern and Bottle Store.

Patriarch Bevan Spackman said that youth's recent burglary had included many of its stores and left them thousands of dollars in their pocket. [19659003] "It costs us a fortune to make the place a fortress that is completely bloody ridiculous," he said.

"It looks terrible, but we have no choice."

"We have 64 cameras, but they do not stop them. They give the finger to the camera and do not notice it."

"It has cost us thousands of dollars and we're looking for more security."

Spackman said that children were responsible for the recent burglary, they were not guilty completely.

"I do not think we can blame the children – the blame is stuck with the parents," he said.

"Until the parents are made responsible , it will never get better. "

Mr. Spackman said that many of the younger children were led by older siblings or friends.

Kununurra Sen. Sgt Steve Principe said seven officers had been brought in to help with inquiries. 19659003]" We had many suspects to interview and not co-operate to do the job, "he said.

Sen. Sgt Principe said some of the accused had told the police that they had broken into places because they were bored. 19659003] "Many of them are on curfews and bails and are right in the judicial cycle where they are continually insulting," he said.

"There is no real family structure or adults in their lives to help fit them. The kids will not be home when there is drinking and domestic violence.

"These children should be at home in bed at night and sleep so they can go to school the next day and not walk in the streets." [19659003] Sen. Sgt Principe said the police worked with public authorities to engage cradle children in programs.



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