New photo as eyewitness comes forward


A new picture has emerged from P & O's Pacific Dawn cruise ship, as an eyewitness has claimed she saw a woman seconds before falling overboard.

The photo that appeared on Facebook shows cruise crew on the deck of the ship as eyewitness came up with new details.

The victim is a 47-year-old woman from Brisbane, allegedly with her husband on a deck, about five meters away from where other passengers played table tennis.

The witness who asked not to be named said that she went over to a deck and began to throw up while leaning over a railing of the Pacific Dawn. She lost her foot.

Her report of the woman's final moments appears to confirm previous reports that the woman was uncomfortable before she boarded.

"(she was) vomiting outside the table tennis area" The guest aboard on board, Courier Mail reports.

"Leaning by, not far beyond, she fell. As she passed, he collapsed."

The guest claimed that there was no freak wave that hit the ship before the victim lost her foot and fell on board.

"Unaware of how she fell. The rails are all chestnut on me and I'm 5," she said.

Her husband who saw her fell over collapsed in shock after the tragic event.

The ship continued to circulate the area for hours in search of the woman's body.

But nothing was found when they flushed the ocean about 150 miles from New Caledonia from kl. 16 on Thursday.

The ship remained in the area to search again on Friday before search was canceled from kl. 7.30.

A P & O spokesman said expert advice was that "survival after this time in difficult sea conditions and after a whole night at sea was not considered possible".

Captain announced to passengers over a public address system

"It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that we have not been able to find our guest," he said.

"We are still in the area of ​​the incident and the weather conditions with the swell three to four meters high as you can see outside … the strong wind made our search extremely challenging."

"As a result, we have made it the most difficult decision to continue our journey to Brisbane. "

" I know that I speak on behalf of all of you when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with the family. "

A letter to P & O passengers yesterday said that the woman's family was taken care of by" special care staff. "

The Queensland police will investigate the circumstances surrounding her fall.

The ship is due to Brisbane on Sunday at 6 pm with the police set to meet it to conduct interviews with crews and passengers, but they emphasize that no suspicious circumstances have been identified at this stage.

A guest told AAP that the passengers had been updated with the development from the beginning.

"The captain and crew have been put in an inconceivable position but have handled themselves professionally and respectfully for the victim im and her family," she said.

The ship, with a total capacity of 1546 guests , Brisbane left Saturday on a seven-day tour of Vanuatu.

The guest also told AAP that this was her 10th cruise with P & O, her 12th overall and was "by far worst I've seen on a cruise ".

She said there was a gloomy mood on board and the passengers had been kept informed about the situation.



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