Land Rover Discovery SD4 SE



In the latest version, the boxy four-wheel drive ensures the emblem's legendary ability to cross hard ground with the styling and interior flexibility that are usually found on the more upmarket Range Rovers. Access may have disturbed traditionalists, but it has also opened the door to the next generation of urbanites that chase the look and luxury without paying the Rangie Prize. The SE has power supply, leather fitting, 10-inch touch screen with sat nav and surrounding interior lighting.


The SD4 SE test here is available for $ 92,400 – $ 96,400 on the way. The variation is down on state stamp duty – but virtually all Discovery buyers will end up with a six-digit invoice after checking in the selection boxes. The type of adaptive cruise control and digital radio should be standard at this price as they can be found on regular cars that cost one third of the price. Other things, like the seven seats and improved off-road software, are rightly a case of personal choice.


Part of the reason for the tight price of Land Rovers is their unique ability to go wherever their owners dare to drive. Most do not, of course, but it does not prevent them from having the ability to do it. Therefore, it's not likely that you can see scrubs down the side of a Discovery as it cruises to and from school, despite the fact that the wheelbarrow, transmission and forearm protection place it among the more beautiful vehicles to go away from it track.


SD4 Discovery uses the high performance 2.0 liter turbodiesel for high power. With 500Nm at pressure from only 1500rpm, it can lift its skirts and hit 100km / h for 8.3 seconds or tail up to 3500kg. It's not a bad effort in a vehicle that weighs well over two tons. The 8-speed automatic helper here helps with overall smooth shift and calibration, designed to keep the engine running with maximum efficiency, so Land Rover claims the total thirst of 6.5L / 100km for Discovery.


Someone at Jaguar Land Rover has obviously entered how most buyers want to use Discovery. "Activation Key" Bracelet allows owners to surf, swim or cycle while leaving the default key that is disabled in the vehicle. It's a smart step that avoids pushing the key in a lesser safe place while indulging in outdoor pursuits. There is 258L cargo space with all seats in use, but fold the third row of pews and there is a mountain bike occupy 1137L.



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