Man charged with arson in Strathpine house fire


A man accused of the arson from his neighbor's Strathpine House yesterday has been ordered to undergo a mental health assessment.

The 44-year-old appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court and was arrested in detention after he did not seek a bail.

He is also accused of entering a residence and committing an incurable offense.

Police were called to a Lancaster St, Strathpine, a house that was extinguished by fire around at. 11 yesterday.

A man who lived in the house was there when the fire started, but managed to escape unlucky.

The accused was arrested on the case.

His case was exposed to the magazine in Pine Rivers on May 14th.


A man is accused of firing the house next door while his neighbor was home.

Firefighters were called to the home in Lancaster St in Strathpine, north of Brisbane, at 11:00 AM, but could not save the home.

The owner of the property, a 60 year old man, was at the time but managed to escape without harm.

"I had the front door open in the lounge room and when I saw the smoke … I'm just out of it, he said.

His pet birds were less fortunate, the owner managed to grab one before he fled, but two others died in the flames.

The man said he had left nothing with the property for the moment uninsured.

"I have no money, nothing nothing, it's all upstairs," he said.



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