Peter Dutton to fly unwell girl to Australia after Federal Court action launched


A MENTALLY unwell refugee girl who has attempted suicide several times will be rushed from Nauru to Australia for emergency care after attorneys brought trial.

In a lawsuit in Melbourne on Saturday, immigration minister Peter Dutton promised to fly the girl – as well as his brother and father – to the Australian mainland Sunday.

It comes after law firm Maurice Blackburn filed an urgent application on behalf of the girls on Friday evening asking for her to be transferred from the island in the light of her health.

The company's head of social justice Jennifer Kanis welcomes the decision, but she said it was "outrageous" that it took trial to get the girl the help she needed.

"We are pleased that the government this morning has agreed to bring our client from Nauru to Australia so she can get the medical treatment she so desperately needs" said outside court.

Dutton's lawyer Ashlee Briffa said in court that flights were booked to the refugee family to travel to Australia on Sunday afternoon. She said that a medical report on the health of the girls had only been received by the department on Friday.

"We were made aware of the medical report less than 24 hours ago," said Mrs Briffa.

"There is a flight tomorrow. This is all done very quickly." Maurice Blackburn claimed that the medical report was more than a week old and the department should have been aware of it.

"We do not know why the government says they have not been provided with that report," said Mrs Kanis.

The federal court is usually closed on Saturday, but the court agreed to hear the urgent application under the circumstances.

Ms. Kanis said that girls' medical condition was "very serious". "She has made many attempts at suicide and there is a very real risk that she can try suicide again," she said.

Ms. Kanis said it was the third time in recent months that court intervention was sought to have children for medical treatment.

Readers seeking support and information on suicide prevention can contact Lifeline at 13 11 14.



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