Syrians rally in defiance after airstrikes


Life was usually resurrected in the Syrian capital Damascus after the United States, Britain and France launched airstrikes on military sites in the country in response to a suspicion of chemical attack on Douma.

Thousands of Syrians gathered in a number of provinces on Saturday to support the army after the attacks.

In Umayyad Square in central Damascus, hundreds gathered Syrian flag and photographs by President Bashar al-Assad. They condemned the airstrikes and chanted pro-army and al-Assad slogans.

"US Presidential Threats [Donald Trump] Failed, and the Air Force forces put down many missiles before reaching their goals." Ahmed Hamza, who works for Syrian state television, told dpa.

"The Syrian army's old missiles, dating back 25 years ago, managed them into these missiles," he added. "We are proud of this."

Another protector, Qussai al-Dardiri, 55, expressed his fear of multiple strikes as warships are still in the Mediterranean.

In Aleppo province of northern Syria, hundreds of inhabitants grew the city's main square, chanting slogans in support of the Syrian army, al-Assad and Russia.

"We will defeat the United States, Britain and France." We trust the capabilities of our army, "said an al-Assad supporter.

Hundreds of Syrians took to the streets of Homs, Hama and Latakia provinces and condemned the" Western conspiracy "and rejected the strikes.



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