Toddler feared dead after house destroyed by blaze


A TODLDER is feared, dead after fire in a small NSW village north of Lithgow.

The fire broke through the home on the Castlereagh highway at Capertee, 45 km north of Lithgow around 8.

It is understood that a mother, father and two children managed to escape the flames.

But the police said a two-year-old was missing and the house had been destroyed by the fire.

It is understood the missing child is a girl.

The other family members had to run to neighbor for help because they had no phone reception, a witness said

"They had to warn the neighbors who had to come to the police station had no joy there and they came here, "The local man who did not want to be named, told AAP."

"My wife had to make the call (to triple zero)."

At that time the home was already absorbed by flames bowed three meters out of the windows with the young child, a girl caught inside, he said.

"It's definitely y tragic," said the local man.

"I went up to the house, he (the father) was hectic. They stood there in their underwear, did not have time to get anything else.

"My wife took clothes for the woman to put on. She was in a shocked state."

The locals have begun to rally by offering clothes and accommodation to the family, known in rural areas, he said.

Firefighter will search at home when it has been considered safe, says a spokesman for an NSW police force.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

The two adults and two children were treated for minor injuries.

More to come



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