UN rejects Russian bid to condemn strikes


The UN Security Council has rejected a Russian resolution requiring the condemnation of "aggression" from the United States and its allies against Syria.

The poll reflected support for airstrikes in Syrian chemical sites, but it also showed the paralysis of the UN's most powerful body in connection with the conflict in Syria.

Russia's claim for condemnation and an immediate interruption of aggression and further use of power from the United States, Britain and France were supported by only two other countries at the 15-member council – China and Bolivia.

On the other hand, eight countries voted against the Russian draft – the United States, Britain, France, Holland, Sweden, Kuwait, Poland and Côte d'Ivoire. Four countries failed to vote – Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea and Peru.

The vote on Saturday came at the end of a meeting of the Council called Moscow, which saw Russia and its supporters with the United States and its allies over a suspected poison attack last weekend in Damascus's suburb of Douma.

The United States, Britain and France said they launched airstrikes against Syrian chemical sites after proving that poisonous gas was used last weekend in Damascus's suburb of Douma by President Bashar al-Assad's government. Russia and its closely linked Syria called the attack made and said no evidence of chemical weapons in Douma exists.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the Council "there is clear information showing Assad's sake." She said that President Donald Trump told her on Saturday morning that if the Syrian regime uses poisonous gas again, "the United States is locked and loaded" to resume.

Russia's UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said after the vote the meeting confirmed that the United States and its allies "continue to put international politics and diplomacy in myth – myths invented in London, Paris and Washington". He accused the Allies who violated the UN Charter and International Law.



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