Western Bulldogs goalkicking accuracy, Josh Dunkley, Sydney Swans tribute to Gary Rohan


Western Bulldog trainer Luke Beveridge says that lack of calm costs his side victory over Sydney with the dog's goalkicking accuracy again ranked the worst in AFL.

It was an emotional seven point win for the swans with players wearing black and white bracelets for celebrating Gary and Amie Rohans twin girls Bella Rae and Willow Nevaeh.

Willow died five hours after she was born on Thursday, and both buses shave the family with Rohan, who is looking from Sydney. REPORT: SWANS SHOW NEW DOGS OLD TRICKS



"I just want to wish the Rohan family all the best," said Sydney coach John Longmire.

" They have had mixed feelings this week and I hope that Gazza and Amie are back there and really enjoy the victory. "

Beveridge offered the dog's condolences before taking questions.

" Our thoughts go out to Gary and Amie Rohan on p

"I'm sure family and friends comfort them and our thoughts are with you."

The dogs scored 2.5 (17) from their last 25 in the 50s and they have now kicked more behinds than goals in each of the first four rounds.

Last year, the accuracy of the dog was 43 percent ranked 18th and has fallen to under 40 percent in 2018.

Josh Dunkley (0.4) and Matthew Suckling (0.3) missed the chances while Luke Dahlhaus did not score from his two setbacks .

Dunkley dropped a mark that runs into an open goal late in the last quarter, but Beveridge praised the premier player's contribution as a selection goal.

Swans were smashed 60-42 in the 50's but were out of jail and they have now won 13 of their 14 matches at the Etihad Stadium.

Sydney still plays four matches under the roof this year. 19659003] Ollie Florent started cool the winning goal despite a magnificent ch ase at 205cm ruckman Tim English and Beveridge were frustrated at his side's performance in the last term.

"I think the look is good," said Beveridge.

"We had some shot from the limit that we did not convert, but Sydney had similar shots they converted."

"As much as we admire and strongly believe in our players, we are not at the level we must complete these set-ups.

"I think we were fine, but absolutely."

But after a creepy opening two rounds, the premiership coach was pleased with his side's mark.

"We play as we want to play Now and our challenge is to maintain and win," said Beveridge.

Captain Easton Wood held the superstar Lance Franklin to 3.4 and won some swinging one-on-one in an enchanting duel.

The Dogs & # 39; 2016 Grand Final hero Tom Boyd kicked five other semi-goals in the VFL with Beveridge was most pleased with his goal in 50m in the third quarter.

Longmire was pleased with his team's reply in the second half and said that Franklin's shoulder was fine after a scare in the second term.

"Sometimes you've just found a way to win and to our players' credit they found a way to win, even though the statistics apparently were in Bulldog's favor," Longmire said.

"We have just found a way in the end. They had more scoring shots.



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