Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘holy testicle Tuesday’ reply to F1 Chinese Grand Prix win 2018


Daniel Ricciardo believes his amazing Chinese GP victory proves he would win a Formula One World title if he got the right tools – and his mechanics helped him on Sunday.

In a chaotic and action-packed finish in Shanghai, Ricciardo rose from sixth to last in less than 20 laps in a progress that included amazing assaults on Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas.

For all his talent, this was only Ricciardo's sixth F1 win, his appearance coincided with Red Bull's after 2013 dip, but the Australian is desperate for more so he can maximize his talent and fight for championship.

"It's a Fun Way to Win With Certainty" Ricciardo, out of contract at Red Bull at the end of the season, told Sky F1. "I really want to just give me a chance to be in a title hunt and I really think I'll take it."

"I feel I can take advantage of the opportunities and I think it was a good example today." [19659003] Ricciardo was labeled "Brewery Breaker" by Sky F1's Martin Brundle after the race, where all six wins came from less than third on the net.

Australia took advantage of Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel's collision to take two places, but the following three were all down to their own skill and determination, showed a late brake master class and eventually ended almost 10 seconds off of the closest challenger Bottas.

Red Bull has won a race before Mercedes this year and when asked if he thought it would even be possible before the season was over, Ricciardo expressed his dissatisfaction and recited a Jim Carrey quote under the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective .

"Yes, pretty cool. Holy testicle on Tuesday!" Ricciardo said. "I do not know. I'm sitting here and reciting everything in my head, what just happened. Yes, amazing. Even after yesterday. I only have six (victories), it's not a lot, but the winners always seem to come under some (eventual) circumstances. "

The anniversary came a week after Ricciardo's former retirement in Bahrain and only 24 hours after he nearly missed qualification completely because of an engine failure that would have left him starting on the back of the net.

"We really thought we should miss qualifying start race on the back," explained Ricciardo before classically depriving himself of his own achievements and healing praise on the people behind the stage.

"First thanks to the boys yesterday. I thanked them for qualification, but today it's the real reward for that work. Thank you to all at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, the mechanics worked their popper."

" The team was rewarded to get out of trouble, but that's the best reward possible, so I'm also fond of the mechanics.

"This sport is crazy, a week ago I was headed down after two weeks and frustrated at the sport, frustrated by all the variables involved in the sport."

"Sometimes I ask why I chose this sport because there are so many other things that are beyond your control and it makes you much.

" But when you get a day like this one is It was worth 50 of the bad. "


There were three defining passes when Ricciardo took the flagged flag in Shanghai while Red Bull's boss Christian Horner took on Hamilton when his driver came back so far to take third.

But what was Ricciardo's favorite e? There was only one challenger.

"They are all beautiful sweet but until I got the Valtteri I was not excited about any of them, "he added." At that point, I knew we had a car to win and I was not satisfied before I was at the forefront. just as the work was not done.

"I was very composed of them all, but after Valtteri I got on the radio and became a bit scary!"


During the off season, Ricciardo often claimed he would wait to see Red Bull's performance at the start of the year before deciding his future where both Mercedes and Ferrari expected to be keen on his services at by the end of 2018.

But with the heck order still insecure ruling world champions Mercedes has not yet won a race this year – Ricciardo does not expect contract negotiations to develop rapidly in the coming weeks.

And his China drive should not harm his suitor's interest.

"It's definitely a good win, but I suppose the plan was trying to keep a little off," Ricciardo said.

"Today we have had a very strong pace in the second half of the race, and I think that when we give t to Europe it will start balancing themselves. All three teams have had their moments so far in this season.

"It's interesting, it's fun and I do not think today will hurt my position. It's a good day. "

with Staff Writers, News.com.au



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