Passenger films train driving through bushfire zone


PASSAGERE had a white-haired journey on a Sydney train that traveled straight through bushes that ravaged the southwest suburbs of the city.

The movie of a passenger caught the big flames, fires and massive smoke mistakes that could be seen on the train as it first crawled and then spread through the fire zone.

The uncontrolled fires have destroyed more than 1000 hectares of bush land since Saturday and continue to threaten home from Casula near Liverpool to Menai and Sutherland Shire.

Train passengers could be heard in the video as they passed by fires only yards from their carriage.

"We're just going through it?" One person could sound to say.

"It's jumped on the line already," said someone.

The train line has since been partially closed due to the bus source, where the train no longer runs between East Hills and Glenfield due to bushfire.

Hundreds of Humans had been evacuated from their homes when Bushfire reached properties at Holsworthy and Wattle Grove and the site fires threaten Sutherland and Menai.

Residents in the suburbs Illawong, Bangor and Picnic Point have been under embankment attacks.

Bushfire has not claimed life or property, but "terrible" conditions held firefighters possess through Saturday night, said NSW Rural Fire Service.

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The fire remained out of control Sunday morning but became downgraded to a watch and act alarm, with a change in ratio that allowed crews to start receiving backburning.

But while the threat of properties had reduced, "the winds will strengthen during the day," warned RFS.

The police believe that the fire may have been deliberately illuminated and have appealed to witnesses to contact them.

"We think it could have been a deliberately illuminated fire," Liverpool inspector Mitch Newtown told AAP on Saturday night.

Sydney expects a top of 25C on Sunday with the west winds up to 40km / h.



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