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Daniel Ricciardo left everyone with their jaws on the floor at the Chinese Grand Prix after running in front of the package with three amazing assaults.

The Aussie F1 essay left Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas who fired after scrapping forward and in the lead for the last 10 laps.

It was a remarkable screen shot of a man who fought against motorbike throughout the qualification and started sixth.

Valtteri Bottas came second and Kimi Raikkonen took third.

Ricciardo claims sixth F1 win

Daniel Ricciardo has won the Chinese Grand Prix from sixth on the net after a terrible qualifying weekend with Red Bull engine problems.

Aussie took advantage of a genius pit stop move before a mid-race safety car to restore new tires and blasted through the field to the slot initially within the last 10 laps.

Ricciardo, handwritten in the iconic "shaka" gesture, could not believe what happened when he matched the finish line.

"Holy sh **," he shouted over the radio.

"Sometimes you have to lick the stamp and send it," Ricciardo Martin Brundle told after signing after Shoey ".

"It was extraordinary," asked Brundle as Ricciardo got through the track. "Lewis will not see it again, it's not even possible."

"Versteppen goes too hard

Max Verstappen participated briefly in Daniel Ricciardo's wave to the top with a sharp assault to send Lewis Hamilton The 20-year-old star tried to jump Sebastian Vettel in to enter the top three but hit him and sent them both spinning.

The Dutchman was beaten with a 10-second penalty.

] Ricciardo stuns with triple whammy [19659002] Daniel Ricciardo blew in the first place behind the pack after a great move to overcome Lewis Hamilton through the hairpin, the same corner he consisted of Raikkonen earlier in the race.

Ricciardo overcame Sebastian Vettel shortly after with a massive movement in Germany before the hairpin.

Max Verstappen followed and trumped Hamilton into third.

Ricciardo continued on physics when the last ten laps began with a ridiculous movement over Valtteri Bottas through Turn Five, which almost scratched the fin before they squeezed through to joints.

Ugly team spat unfolds

  This will not be a good team meeting.

This will not be a good team meeting. Source: Delivered

Toro Rosso will have an awkward team after the race after driver Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley collided midway through the play.

Hartley tried to squeeze ahead of Gasly through an incredibly tight turn and smashed into the Frenchman's side. 19659002] "What did he shut the door!?" Gasly exclaimed.

The cars were not damaged enough to retire from the race, but the garbage forced an unwanted safety car.

Red Bull made most of the chaos with a twisted double pill with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen fitted fresh tires for the last 20 laps.

Valtteri Bottas took control of the little stalk in action and took over Sebastian Vettel through the hairpin immediately after the safety car left.

Ricciardo blasted in front of Raikkonen in the 38th shot with a dazzling indentation that slows extremely later after the straight and slips his way in front of the Finn to fifth behind Verstappen.

Ferrari stayed in pit stop ploy

Scuderia chose to grobe race leader Sebastian Vettel much later than the rest of the five best and paid for it deeply after the German was undercut by Mercedes star Valtteri Bottas.

Vettel had the lead for more than three seconds at the 21st shot but was forced back to third place after switching to medium tires.

Kimi Raikkonen took the lead with the 23rd shot but also refused to pit.

Max Verstappen was forced back to fourth after Red Bull called him in for the middle tire. Teammate Daniel Ricciardo kept his own in sixth.

Cocky Verstappen launched to Chinese GP

Max Verstappen shot out of the gates early in an amazing start to take over Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen before the end of the first round.

The young Red Bull firebrand capitalized on a massive slip from Raikkonen, who then Finn loses somewhere else and shake the package through Turn One.

"See you, you're later son," said Verstappen over the radio.

"Okay, do not get greedy now mate. It's good, settle down," replied his Red Bull team.

Sebastian Vettel scraped back after the early chaos with Mercedes star Valtteri Bottas in the tow. The German showed out of Scuderia's highest pace through the straight and expand the gap by over half a second.

By the seventh time, the four-hour champion had a 2.5 second lead over Bottas.

"It tells me Ferrari has all the pace it needs to control this race," said Martin Brundle.

Daniel Ricciardo remained in sixth in the early chaos as team mate Verstappen made one step forward. But with both Red Bulls running ultrasonic tires there will be an early pit.

Ferrari has Mercedes rocket

Ferrari's unprecedented pace in qualification seeing its two drivers start on the front of the grid for the second run in a row.

F1 legend Damon Hill said Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton entered the Chinese Grand Prix on the back foot despite qualifying fourth place. Hill said the 2017 champion was apparently rocketed by rival Sebastian Vettel's excellent time at 1: 31: 095.

"Mercedes is really shocked by the Ferrari pace," said Hill at Sky Sports before the race.

"Lewis seems a bit out of the variety. I do not know if it's because the car does not deliver to him, but he has also been scolded by Valtteri, who has put some stable performances this weekend."

"Lewis has a couple of things to worry about. Vettel has a finger at a fifth world championship, he has been unfounded by his mate and his car is not as fast as it used to be.

"This is not good for Lewis. He will fight back and he will find his way through, but he will have to adapt to the new paradigm."

Ricciardo loses his belief in the engine [19659002] Daniel Ricciardo loses his faith in Renault's reliability after Australia almost missed out of the Chinese Grand Prix qualification due to an engine failure in the last practice.

"I'll never give up hope, but surely the optimism window will decrease over time," said the 28-year-old Red Bull driver on Saturday.

Ricciardo was forced to retire from the previous race in Bahrain with an energy store problem in the power unit.

The French manufacturer has had difficulty expressing 1.6 liter V6 turbohybrid power units introduced in early 2014 and five years in, Mercedes and Ferrari still bet.

Whether Ricciardo or teammate Max Verstappen failed to finish in 13 of the 20 races last year, win three.

Red Bull went into season hoping to fight Mercedes and Fe rrari for the title and lack of reliability can prove expensive for every driver limited to only three power units and only two energy stores.

The former champions who won four consecutive drivers and constructors titles with Renault between 2010 and 2013 have been vocal in their criticism of Renault in the current turbohybrid era.

  Sparks flies from Ricciardo's Red Bull.

Sparks flies from Ricciardo's Red Bull. Source: AFP

They are also evaluating a change to Honda, who now participates in Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso after three bad years with McLaren for next year.

The Japanese manufacturer has shown a much improved reliability, although the engine is still in power compared to Renault.

Ricciardo is out of contract by the end of this year and weighs his options.

"We are considering it after some more races, we can see how we travel," he said, asking how much of a role another meadow

Ricciardo stopped during Saturday's practice with his car bending smoke and fire.

With only two hours between practice and qualification start, his mechanics worked a miracle to get him out in dying minutes from the opening phase.

He will line up on Sunday with Verstappen, who also complained about his lack of power in qualification and hopes to fight Mercedes to the podium.

"Ferrari has had a good pace this weekend and I can not honestly say now that we will get their pace tomorrow but Mercedes is certainly within reach," said Ricciardo. "19659002]" I My head is still on the podium to get it. We will try to aim for it. [19659000] – AAP

Vettel roses' incredible tempo

  Things look after Vettel and Ferrari.

Things look for Vettel and Ferrari.] Source: Getty Images [19659032] Sebastian Vettel has celebrated Ferrari's "incredible" pace after sealing a sublime pole position at the Chinese GP and admits he is surprised by the distance to Mercedes.

Vettel hit out with team mate Kimi Raikkonen with only 0.087 s on Saturday with the two Ferrari drivers more than half a second free of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

After following the victory in 2018's first two races with another pole, Vettel's feat on Ferrari has been labeled as a " turning point "of Sky F1's Damon Hill as Mercedes, double world champion in the last four years, failed to find an answer.

" The car was incredible and it just got better, "said a joking Vettel who put a track record with his last Q3 round. 19659002] "I was very pleased with the setting linger I had from the beginning.

"We are surprised (at the gap to Mercedes). The first three races have been slightly different, the tracks are completely different from each other, but to get as much of a hole as I think is a surprise."

It is Ferrari's first China pole in 14 years, while Vettel and Raikkonen also secured F1's most historic and successful team-sealed back-to-back front locks for the first time since 2006.

It also ended Mercedes & # 39 ; Impressive Polstribe, dating back to 2011 in Shanghai.

"It has been a Mercedes track in the last six years so it's good to break their race," added Vettel to Sky F1.

"It's good news. It shows that we have some potential in the car and so if we can free it and it comes together, it feels good."

"If you find the sweet place wherever you are In the field, it helps you improve your performance. That's what happened today, I do not know if the others fought with their tires today, but for us it was pretty straightforward. "

There was a comparable glow driver in the sister Ferrari when Raikkonen was again beaten by his teammates.

Like Bahrain, Raikkonen seemed to have a tempo over Vettel-even taking a preliminary pole in the third quarter – but admitted that second place was "far from ideal" after he had not improved in the last sector in his last round

However, the finder was satisfied with Ferrari's day overall and felt that their performance was not track-specific. 19659002] "We learn more about the car and get more of it," he said.

] "If the car works somewhere, it should work everywhere and I think we have been fairly consistent.

"We are very pleased with things."

Matt Morlidge, skysports




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