200 Kloske Road Burbank goat cheese factory for sale real estate


CHEESE lovers, this house could be for you.

An area in Brisbane's south east comes with a unique addition, which is a real rarity in the capital's capital.

With the entire infrastructure for goat and milk installed on the property, a new owner could make their own goat cheese in no time.

Owners Lyndall Josey said she and her husband Peter Schwenke wanted a casual Brisbane home, they bought the property at 200 Closke Road in Burbank 16 years ago.

But when her husband wanted a career change from IT, he decided to learn the art of making goose.

"He had no agricultural background at all," said Josey.

After learning the basics of making goose, they bought a goat so they would have a stable supply of milk.

"Almost five years later we have 44 goats," she said.

They installed the necessary cheese making and milking infrastructure and built a loya l customer base around south east Queensland with their well-received Frolicking Goat branded goats cheese.

With their cheesy prices and orders growing, she said they should move to a larger property outside of Brisbane to keep their business growing.

"I can not have silos for cereals, so it's very expensive for us to be in Brisbane," she said.

Although the goats were not for sale, the goat's shed, milking area and hoarse shine became home.

"It would suit any kind of livestock," she said.

In addition to the agricultural facilities, the property of 1.99 hectares has a home with five bedrooms with solar energy and a backyard pool. [19659003] The property will be auctioned by Ray White Springwood on Friday, May 11th. 10:00.



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