Critical decision on Commonwealth due this week


A decision as to whether the prince of Wales should succeed his mother as head of the Commonwealth is expected later this week, the British government said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's official spokesman Monday refused to say if she believed that the location should go to Prince Charles, stressing that it was a decision for all leaders in the Commonwealth states.

He told a regular information from Westminster that the question is expected to be discussed when the leaders of the 53 Commonwealth governments gather for a retreat at Windsor Castle on Friday.

Job leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that Charles will not automatically transfer from the Queen as the head of the Commonwealth, suggesting

And Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insisted that the decision was "a matter of 53".

Asked if Mrs May thought Charles should be the Commonwealth's next head, the spokesman said, "This is of course a decision taken later this week, a decision made by all the members together."

"I think everything is happening on Friday ay."

On Friday, the leaders of 53 Commonwealth states, covering 2.4 billion people, will meet and lead a retreat at Windsor Castle for "honest dialogue".

It comes after the queen is named Prince Harry as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador on Monday, a prince, whom the prince said that he and Meghan Markle are very excited "about.

The Queen has been the leader of the Commonwealth since came to the throne in 1952, but the position is not automatically held by the British monarch.

A statement on the Commonwealth Secretariat's website states: "When the queen dies or abdicates, her heir will not automatically be the head of Commonwealth's leader. It will be up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government to decide what to do with this symbolic role. "

Corbyn said Sunday:" I think the Commonwealth should really get a chance to decide who has his own head in the future.

"The queen is clearly personally involved in the Commonwealth, but after her I might think it's time to say good, in fact, the Commonwealth should decide who its own president is on a rotational basis. "

Commonwealth Secretary General General Baroness Scotland questioned his personal preference during a television interview on Sunday and said that the 53 heads of government "will make a decision, regardless of how they decide."



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