Pia Miller stuns on beach with son


When Pia Miller hit the beach with his teenage son in Sydney on Monday, the couple saw more like siblings.

In an image released to the actor's Instagram, the 34-year-old was stunned in a skimpy bikini while walking along Coogee Beach with her son Isaiah. Miller looked more like the 15-year-old older sister than her mother.

Fans were shocked to find out that the youthful star had a teenage son and immediately went to the commentary.

] "Holy mother of baby Jesus, I did not think she was a mother! Wow," a user commented on the picture.

"Whatta you see the same age!" Wrote another.

Home & Away The star – who had Isaiah when she was 19 – is a mother of two sons. She had her youngest 11-year-old Lennox – together with her former husband, AFL star Brad Miller.

In a revealing interview with Elle last year, Miller opened the "fear" to be teenage mother.

"It was scary and there was fear of the unknown and what my future would be, but when I decided it was the way I should take, everything just came from there and became almost seamless," she said.

"I was in my late teens care for a baby who worked and made him shoot and worry that I might hurt him in some way while everyone else was out to find themselves or what Anyway, I do not want to miss me as soon as the boys were older, I got a presentation job with Qantas and could see the world like that.

"So I landed my Home & Away role so it's all done, just in a different order. I always think things follow a bigger plan."



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