SA weather brings some rain to farmers, but they need more this season to sow their crops


Australian farmers need more rain to watch their crops, but remain optimistic for massive decline in the coming months.

Cereal producer SA Chairman Wade Dabinett said the extraordinary start of the year had delayed sowing in some regions, but it was too early to determine the effect in the autumn of 2018-19.

"For us, 2016 was a fairly common start to the year, but it ended up being a record year, so it's no different than football really," said Mr. Dabinett, reflecting the industry's high and low levels.

"But if we have this conversation in a month's time, then we're throwing ideas around and changing our rotations."

Larger crop growing regions largely lost the weekend activity, which experienced a 35.4mm rainfall in Mt Lofty Ranges for a 24-hour period.

Baltic Sea farmer and grain producer SA director Jared Sampson said that their weekend had consisted of dust storms rather than rain and not too many farmers were "racing to the gates".

"I'm not sure when a break will come if it comes later in the week or the week after, but we'll be itching to get into it," said Mr. Sampson.

"At this stage there are not too many racing to the ports unless they sow fodder."

The eastern Islands said they had 3-10 mm rain this weekend and hoped for more rain before their ideal seed start date for Anzac Day.

In Mid North, the farmers said that the conditions were "the driest at one time", where it was rapidly reduced to the ground.

The Bureau of Meteorology said that the long-distance forecasts showed wider than the average in April, which again was on average in May.

BOM Chief of State John Nairn said that climate change delayed the start of a break in crop bills, so this may happen later.

A slight change this week will result in a slight fall.



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