Sam and Tara ‘engaged’ in finale


A FINAL commitment could come back to The Bachelor.

Since the entire Blake Garvey, Sam Frost mess – as of their engagement was interrupted just hours before it was sent in the 2013 final of series – producers have not really encouraged suggestions on camera.

But it could change. Women's Day Reports Bachelor of Paradise Sam Cochrane is going to question contestant Tara Pavlovic on the forthcoming final of the series.

"They are in love and it is completely genuine. They did not even argue in Paradise – It's as if they were destined to be together!" Tells the magazine a source as said.

"He told other boys, they would rather not suggest anyone because he did not want anything to destroy his and Tars moment," added the source.

Bachelor's Weird Match: "You F *** Ed Him On My Sofa!" ]

The magazine also reports that Cochrane, 31 , moved out of his home in Sydney and moved interstate to be close to 28-year-old Pavlovic, who lives on the Gold Coast.

The couple came together in the early days of the Channel Ten reality series – their unlikely romanticism shocking viewers. While fellow Michael Turnbull expressed interest in Pavlovic, she quickly felt a spark with Cochrane. The couple tied fast and became inseparable.

Despite the drama around the Fijian island, the couple has managed to avoid controversy.

On Sunday evening's episode, the viewers saw a creepy match between participants Simone Ormesher and Elora Murger over their attraction to Apollo Jackson.

In an unpleasant exchange, Murger Ormesher sent his private sex life in front of the cameras – revealing that the blonde had slept with another former bachelor participant while she was on her couch.

] "If I had a problem with you, I would have stopped it right away," said Elora, referring to Courtney Dober, who appeared in the Georgia Love Series The Bachelorette .



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