Stormy Daniels attends hearing for Donald Trump lawyer Cohen


ADULT movie actress Stormy Daniels arrived at a New York City Courthouse Monday (Monday Tuesday AEST) for a hearing about an FBI raid targeting President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Daniels wearing a pink blazer, pink skirt and black heels stumbled and fell almost on the wet pavement outside the court building among a bunch of journalists and camera crews.

The raid sought information about a number of conditions, including a payment of $ 130,000 to Daniels, a scene name for Stephanie Clifford. She says she had sex with a married Trump in 2006.

Attorneys for Cohen and Trump would like to be allowed to decide which items seized from his home and office are protected by the lawyer's privilege before criminal prosecutors see them .

One day before, Daniel's lawyer Michael Avenatti said that his client's presence at the hearing was "intended to send the message that this is a very very serious matter for her."

"She will also ensure that she is heard and represented at the hearing. It has nothing to do with her mind at all."

Cohen arrived at the federal court in Manhattan shortly before Daniels.

In an application earlier this day, Cohen's lawyers said investigators "took everything" during razzies last week at his home and office. They called the search "completely unprecedented." The hearing takes place in federal courts in Manhattan.

Attorneys for Cohen wrote in a court application that investigators grabbed more than a dozen electronic devices and other things, including documents and data that were unrelated to the probable reason for which the search warranties were based.

The letter required Trump and Coh's lawyers to be allowed to decide which items were seized are protected by lawyer privileges before criminal prosecutors see them.

The denunciation in the federal government in Manhattan preceded a hearing scheduled for the afternoon.

Prosecutors say Cohen is being investigated for a non-released crime in connection with his personal business relations. He has denied wrongdoing.

A lawyer for President Trump filed papers late Sunday asking a federal judge to block prosecutors from studying material seized in the raid until Cohen and the President have a chance to review them and argue for what is the subject of attorney-client privilege.

Trump said on Sunday that all lawyers are now "killed and worried" by the FBI raid on Cohen.

"Lawyer's privilege is now a thing of the past," he tweeted.

"I have many (too many!) Lawyers and they wonder when their offices and even homes will be raid with everything, including their phones and computers." All lawyers are killed and worried! "



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