Sydney cafe charging $6 for sauce


For some Australians, sauce is regarded as an inalienable human right in the same category as oxygen and access to clean water.

The idea of ​​stepping into a sausage roll without tomato sauce or a fresh bacon from Bunnings without a dollop grilled sauce would send shakes down many of our spine.

So it was hardly a surprise that when Cafe 101, a company in Sydney's trendy inner west, decided to charge customers $ 6 to sleep, there was a setback. 19659003] The violation was so serious that the owner of the cafe told that he had been forced to change the menu – adding that the decision to charge such a heavy fee for the sauce was a "big mistake".

It all comes from an optional extra in the café menu to add either pepper, garlic, mushroom or sauce to their "premium 60-day grains" shot 260g steak ($ ​​23.90) or gilled chicken breast fillet (21.90 dollars). [19659003] Both items come with fries, but for privacy it is inconceivable to add sauce, which the head chef Eli Farrah says is freshly prepared, customers are asked to fork out $ 6.

"It is absolutely outrageous and un Australian to charge so much for sauce, "said Connor Watson, who was shopping at nearby Bing Lee for a new TV when stumbling across Cafe 101." To be fair, I do not think that 23 dollars are bad for a steak and chips – especially in the inner west where everything is expensive. But they know you want some sauce with it, so it's just a rip.

"I mean it's to the point where you just expect that prices are getting high for almost everything in Sydney, but $ 6 for a little sauce on your meat is one step too far. "

Strong criticism for the tax also came from dozens of confectioners online after a dissatisfied customer uploaded a picture on social media.

Farrah said that sauce is all freshly prepared and comes in a big bowl so customers can share and dive their chips.

However, he admitted that the cafe had made a mistake of charging so much and not making it clear.

"We are very sorry and we realized we made an error," he said. "What customers probably did not understand is that this sauce is fresh and we understand we did not make it clear."

The criticism has forced the cafe to address controversial things from its new menu, which will be revealed in about two weeks.

"So now we charge $ 3 for it (the fresh sauce) and we take it from the menu in two weeks," he said. "We add different sauces to menu, but customers can still order the fresh sauce if they want it. "

" We always listen t il feedback and learning from our customers every day. Sometimes you make mistakes. "



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