Teachers fired after allegedly mocking autistic student in secret recording


A mother decided to send her son who has serious autism to school with a secret recorder in her backpack after he got home every afternoon more and more.

When Milissa Davis listened to the sound, discovered that her son was mocked by school staff and made to endure unpleasant comments from teachers.

Camden, 12, participated in the Hope Academy in Louisiana, but his mother knew something was wrong when he began to become aggressive at home and wet the bed


Two adults identified as teacher and teacher assistant can be heard and make clear comments to the 12-year-old boy and even imitate the sounds he made.

"You just write the word. What's the problem?" One of the adults can be heard to say.

Camden grunts in response, and the adult is heard mocking the noise.

"Camden, why did not you write down? Why you can not sit with everyone? Tell your mom," says one of the teachers a while later.

The blast with unpleasant comments continues with one of the adults who heard say, "Let's see what they do with him if *** ing public school. He was going to Live Oak Middle. Uh ah, he would Do not do it for a moment. "

Ms. Davis told WBRZ that she could not believe what she heard when she was playing the sound.

"I just wept, screamed and did everything I could because it was so bad," said Davis.

"To believe that I had sent my son there every day and what had happened before, which I did not know."

Hope Academy's website states that they specialize in meeting students' unique needs with learning disabilities such as autism, asperger syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia and down syndrome.

The release of the admission, two employees have been dismissed and Mrs Davis has employed a lawyer and plans to file complaints to the education department.

Hope Academy Principal, Linda Stone, released a statement that Mrs Davis never brought the admission to the school's attention.

"The recording seems to be a co mpilation of audio clips, many of which involve private conversations between two adults without other people / children present. The recording contains regretful conversations between these adults," the statement stated.

"The parents never brought up to Hope Academy before they were sent to social media. The parents also refused to meet with Hope Academy to discuss the actions we have taken to resolve the issue."

The statement was terminated by inviting Davis to discuss the incident with the schools that the recording is "not an indication of who we are".



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