‘Injustice’, Alex Rance fears AFL defenders’ strength being penalised


RICHMOND superstar Alex Rance fear AFL defenders face an "injustice" claiming that players who use their strength in selection contests are punished too hard.

While the tigers have produced an impressive start to their premiership defense campaign, Rance has been confused by some of the decisions that were paid against him so far this season.

The all-Australian captain, who was widely regarded as the best and highest paid defender in the competition, had four free kicks paid in Tigers match against Adelaide in Round 2, three of which were to hold the man.

Rance said it turned out that life became harder for backers and feared that players with superior strings were sometimes punished.

I think the thing AFL has always prided itself on, you need to be strong, skilled and you need speed. Rowing Fox Sports News .


"To see a couple of small tits, pulls sweaters and things like what I really do not like to see.

"I want to see these shows of strength and really highlight the things that the game is proud of."

Rance is also one of the league's best to read the ball, on average a league high 10, 5 listening possessions per games and 3.8 interceptions (ranked third) across the first month of the season.

But the 28-year-old said that the great emphasis on forcing teams to turn the ball over – which is the biggest scorecord of the game – could be disadvantageous defenders.

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"Many teams now understand that to get a really good-looking backline, you must be the key to many scores. So they are going to generate many numbers behind the ball, which means judges must protect forwards as they will be overall under certain circumstances, "said Rance.

"I've noticed that there has been a bit of a change – it should almost be there to keep the game floating as it should."

"Catch-22 is there but I'd like to see a little more physically involved in the game . But I do not control the AFL. "

Rance is also one of the top five players in AFL for spoils so far this season.



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