Katy Perry has wardrobe malfunction during American Idol


KATY Perry's appearance of horror was quickly replaced by laughter as she realized that she split her pants while playing a scene for American idol.

The pop star was sitting next to her judges when she ran out laughing.

"I just split my pants", Perry presented before he got up and showed the audience his gardero appeal, which was later covered by editing using the logo of the show.

Lionel Richie jumped up to try to help Perry, but the singer was more interested in revealing her than covering it.

Luke Bryan simply kept sitting when Richie said, "Save the kids."

A crew member then helps Perry patch up with his pants. Perry told her: "Tape my ass" before you get back.

It's not the first time that Perry has shown too much on the show. She previously had a wardrobe error during Idol auditions, falling on the floor and shown too much.

The 33-year-old has been the center of media attention over Idol antics.

She has been criticized for flirting with a lot of male participants, including fooling a unsuspecting male competitor to kiss her on her lips. ] She also made headlines in front of the show's premiere for other reasons.

As previously reported, Perry is locked in an ongoing property match against a non. Perry hopes to buy a scattered eight acre ground area in California, formerly a monastery. Last week, a nun appealed to Pope Francis in the match against Perry.

This article was originally published on Fox News



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