Matildas learn valuable lesson from Thailand as Asian Cup glory looms


If Matildas continues to win the AFC Asian Cup, they will look back and see the fight against Thailand as the biggest lesson they have learned to become No.1 in Asia.

Australia scratches through to the Asian Cup final at the trousers of the seat is an act that coach Alen Stajcic has to copy and issue to all 23 players in the team to prove a point.

He should also ask his team that this clash became a nightmare until Alanna Kennedy was 91 minutes off.

Come past Thailand in a shootout 3-1 after FIFA-ranked 30th nation scored three out of the four goals in 2-2 draw should never be deleted from library.

For this, the game that taught Matildas so much more about itself on this Asian cup than pulling with Japan and South Korea, the 8-0 Vietnam belt and even the 1-0 victory over the three-hour FIFA Women's World Championship in the United States last year .

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Australia lost its way, not because Thailand was brilliant – although they did a good match – but because The page was intentions to force a problem that should never be done.

Occasionally, Matildas wishes to win matches within the first few minutes.

If that does not happen, doubts start to appear and other guesses also react to their ugly head as witness to the King Abdullah II Stadium on Wednesday.

Shadows of this bad feature were exhibited against Japan and South Korea and even Vietnam.

Football is patience play, and Matildas has to learn to characterize about their game, because now they are no longer you nerds who must take great risks to beat opponents.

They have to put their feet on the gas to quench rivals when everything is correct as players are in position, zones are compact and all openings are covered only if the ball is stolen or lost.

Australia for many times did not do that and got caught in transition trying to force Thailand on its back as it was necessary to keep the ball in safe areas and wait for the right moment to penetrate.

Thai were pleased to sit deep while moving the ball sideways, holding it and trying to draw underdogs unable to invite two on a player situations could have been better opportunities.

Also the speed of ball delivery was far too slow, and the game was sometimes invalid for management.

The injection of Emily van Egmond and Sam Kerr out of the bench changed as this clash could have been put to bed if the right decisions were made earlier.


Sometimes the best teams in the world have bad days, but still win games.

Friday's last can prove this theory correctly to remember it was Thailand, which left Australia a valuable lesson, not Japan or South Korea at this Asian Cup tournament.



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