Territory’s racing couches support Youth Homelessness Matters Day


HUNDREDS of Territorians will commend race couches today as the lavish cars compete to raise awareness of youth homelessness.

Anglicare NT and the city of Darwin's annual "Couch Surfing & # 39; Event supports youth homelessness – and racing chairs symbolize the thousands of young people in the NT without a stable home.

The event is also part of the festivities of the NT Youth Week.

Anglicare NT's Managing Director Dave Pugh said that youth services, schools and organizations from Darwin, Palmerston and the countryside would come together today for the event.

"Together, we hope to raise awareness of youth homelessness and the rights that all young territories have for a secure and stable home," he said.

This year, 16 youth groups have decorated sofas and ready to fight it out in the action-packed race. [19659003] It is the first year that the Anglicare NT youth team in Katherine will participate in the race. Sister Beyonce and Gloria Ashley are part of a six-member team who traveled to Darwin to compete.

Gloria drove in a similar couch surfing event eight years ago. "It was funny, I remember it," she said.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 5,000 Territory children are homeless. "We have 15 percent of the country's youth homeless, most of whom live in heavily crowded homes," said McMillan, NT Shelter boss.

While there was a slight reduction in the proportion of young people under the age of 25 who experienced homelessness – from 52 people of total homeless in 2011 to 48.6%. In the 2016 century, remained disproportionately high, said McMillan.

"We are using the apartment today about youth homelessness to remind everyone that homes are human rights and we need to do more to help those who experience homelessness without their own fault."

The event starts at . 10.30 at Civic Park Courtyard in Darwin City



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