Why James Comey’s book is driving POTUS mad


The former FBI director James Comey has released Donald Trump in his new book "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership," in which he describes the American president as "unrestricted to the truth."

The book largely focuses on a laundry list of political flashpoints from the 2016 election campaign and the early months of the Trump administration based on Comey's interactions with him.

The president has since offered a mini-review of Comey's memoir ia Tweet:

"The big questions in Comey's poorly reviewed book are not answered as when has he given up Classifieds Information (prison), why did he succeed in congress (prison) why did DNC refuse to give the server to the FBI (why did not they) why the fake notes, McCabe's $ 700,000 and more? "

Referrals For references appeared to be evidenced by unjustified allegations. Trump has previously claimed that Comey lied in the Senate's testimony last may deny he had served as an anonymous news source.

But it is the jabber in the book about Mr. Trump's appearance, personality and back-stage behavior that is likely to exacerbate the thin-skinned leader of the free world. In a series of sensational burns to the president, little without limits from Mr Trump's alleged little hands to his apparent use of "sunglasses" in Comey's book released last week.

Here are some of the highlights. 19659003] HAVING REGARD TO TRUMP'S EXPIRY

In his book, Mr Comey addresses Mr Trump's direct appearance, a particularly sensitive subject for the President, although a tactic he often uses when He insults others. 19659010] A big man at 6-foot 8, Commissioner Comey notes that he checked the President's hand size: It was "less than mine, but it did not seem unusual."

He also describes the president as shorter than he expected, his tie was "too long" and he had "bright white half-months under his eyes" that Commissioner Comey says he thinks he came from sunglasses.

However, he gives Trump a little credit. "He had stunningly coiffed, bright blonde hair, like close inspection, seemed to be all his," wrote Comey.

"I remember how long it will take him in the morning to get it done."


In his book, Mr. Comey resembles Mr. Trump to a dishonest self-driven mob boss, claiming that he demanded the personal promise of the then FBI chief about loyalty.

This damn account has disappeared the president for a moment of intensified legal pressure on other fronts.

The probe in possible talks between the Trump campaign and the Russians in the 2016 presidential contest, now led by the Independent Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, is increasingly threatening Trump's inner circle. 19659003] And last week federal agents in New York raided the office and hotel room of Mr. Trump's law firm and fixed Michael Cohen, possibly in connection with secret house payments, as he did for women claiming that they had affair s with trump.


To Mr. Comey, Mr. Trump is everything a president should not be. And he is not choking words.

Mr. Comey repeatedly repeats Mr Trump's behavior to a New York Mafia don. He calls him "untouched to truth", "unethical" and a "forest fire" that burns through the basis of American democracy, norms and values. "Donald Trump's presidency threatens much of the good in this nation," writes Comey. He went even further as he promoted the book in an ABC interview with anchor George Stephanopoulos . "A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women as if they are pieces of meat that are constantly about big and small issues and insist that the American people believe that the person is not fit to be President of United States, moral reasons, "said Comey.


Much of Mr. Comey's version of his interaction with Mr Trump regarding Russia came under the testimony of his congress last year. But the book and his interview reveal some narrator details.

Mr Comey says that Trump seemed fixed on a statement in a dossier prepared by a former British spy – and funded by Mr. Trump's political opponents – involving Russian prostitutes who urinated on a bed in a Moscow hotel. The president raised the assertion several times, wrote Comey, including an unprecedented denial: "I am a germaphobe. There is no way I would let people shack each other around me. No way," Commissioner Comey quotes the president. "

Mr Comey also writes that Mr Trump was considering asking the FBI to reject the assertion of reassuring his wife, Melania Trump.

Prostitutes sit saying Comey, the president and his team were much less concerned about the national security threat of Russian election interference. " They were leading a country that had been attacked by a foreign opponent but they had no question as to what the future Russian threat could be, "wrote Comey. Instead, they launched a strategic session on how to" spin it we just told them "for the public, he writes.

Mr. Comey largely avoids talking about the Mueller study in detail. But he told ABC News that he believes there are signs that the president impedes justice and says he can not rule out the Russians having compromised information about Mr. Trump.

"It's possible," said Comey.

– With wires



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