Driver allegedly abducted passenger in attempt to take her to a hotel


An American law professor's trip to Denver airport became a full blown nightmare when the driver told her that instead he would take her to a hotel and pull off the highway, she claimed in a number of tweets directed at the ridesharing company.

Nancy Leong, who teaches at the University of Denver and has since terminated his account, said the driver would not unlock the doors, even when she screamed at him according to New York Post .

"Hi @Ur your driver took me to the airport. He said he should" take me to a hotel "and get out of the highway. We came to the stoplight. I started shouting. Let me get out of the f ** king car and he did not want to unlock the doors. "She tweeted.

Ms. Leong began to pound on the windows of the car, but the driver would only let her out when he saw some construction workers to see them from the side out of the way. She had to pound her car to get the driver to remove his suitcase from the trunk.

"Then he got out of the car and started coming against me," she wrote. "Remember, we're on stop light at the bottom of a highway off ramp. There is nothing around. Thank goodness, there were construction workers there. "

The car rolled into the junction that almost smashed into another vehicle, she said. Ms. Leong called another Uber to take her to the airport.

Uber sent her back a can of tweet who said that They looked at the incident.

"Hi, Nancy. Our team will reach you personally, "The Company Tweeted." We greatly appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue. Be sure we take this question seriously. "

The Uber officials told New York Post that the company has banned the driver from the platform and looked at the incident.

" What Nancy described is terrible and unacceptable, "said a spokesman for the company." This driver has been blocked from the app and we are investigating. "

This article was originally shown on New York Post and was reproduced with permission.



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