Passenger tells why Jennifer Riordan couldn’t be saved


PEGGY Phillips, a retired nurse, sat in front of Jennifer Riordan when the engine exploded on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 from New York to Dallas.

She has told of the scary moments where the shrapnel hit Riordanas window and pulled her through the hole and almost sucked her out of the plane.

Ms Phillips has told these moments to the United States Network ABC and despite best efforts, Riordan could not be saved.

"The window was broken and sucked, the negative pressure, had partially pulled her outside the plane," she said. "These two wonderful men EMT and a passenger managed to get her back in the plane, and we laid her down and we started CPR."

At this stage, Phillips had left his own oxygen mask to help revive Riordan, but there was little that could be done because of the trauma she suffered.

"If you could imagine going through a flight window of about 600mph (965km / h) and hit either the hull or the wing with your body, with your face … I can tell you that there was a significant trauma in the body, "she said. "Significant head trauma, facial trauma."

"I do not consider myself as a hero by any stretch, but there were heroes on that plane," she said. "I did just what I do. I did what should be done, what any registered nurse would do."

Despite their efforts, Riordan was pronounced dead at a Philadelphia hospital after the plane had made a landing emergency.

Riordan was a leader of the Wells Fargo bank and was on his way home from a business trip when she died.

In a statement, Riordanas dear called her the "bedrock" of the family.

"Jennifer's liveliness, passion and love infused our society and reached across our country. Her influence on everything and everyone she touched can never be measured completely," the statement read. "She and Mike wrote a love story unlike others. Her beauty and love are evident through her children."

"We are so grateful for the extinction of support from family, friends and our community. We pray that those who try to express their compassion and prayers as well as media stores respect our privacy at this time. Our family and friends need this time to both make sure and celebrate Jennifer's influence on all of us. In her memory – always remember to be kind, loving, caring and sharing. "

Mrs. Phillips said all 143 passengers on board knew something was not right shortly after leaving.

" We all thought it might be. Shortly after the start, we heard a loud noise and the plane began to shake like nothing I've ever experienced before, "she said." It seemed as if the plane came apart. It was scary. "



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