Ex-minister preps bill to ban live exports


Former liberal minister Sussan Ley will soon introduce a private member's bill to phase out live sheep sports to the Middle East, as calls grow across the political part to complete the trade.

Ley, a former farmer from NSW said she became more and more incredible at exporters' "business as usual" approach to getting dead on board their ships.

"I want to see this live manger permanently cease," she told Sky News on Thursday. [19659003] "We must lift our eyes, we must focus on what really happens and we must realize that these exporters have had years, if not decades, to clean up their actions."

Mrs. Ley said it was "inherently impossible" to transport sheep to the Middle East during the northern summer in a human way.

"Especially if exporters are not interested in doing that," she said, explaining plans to introduce legislation next month.

Labor backbencher Josh Wilson broke also with his party on Thursday and said that he had a long-standing view that the trade should end.

"There are a lot of people across Parliament, as they look at evidence for the long run, showing live sheep exports that this can not continue," Wilson told Sky News.

But Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack rejected the proposal with reference to the Gillard government's decision to "close" to close trade in live cattle in 2011.

"I do not think we should ban trading holus bolus," said he National Press Club.

Meanwhile, live exporters have agreed to set up an independent inspector to monitor fire trafficking.

After years of opposition to the idea, the Australian House Animal Trafficking Council in Brisbane agreed on Wednesday to set up an independent inspector general to observe the treatment of domestic animals on board ships.

It comes after shocking recordings that occurred last week of sheep who died under inhumane conditions on a ship bound to the Middle East, sparkling disgust.

"Exporters listen to society and act decisively to achieve change in industry," said ALEC president Simon Crean in a statement.

"The welfare of animals and our industry's future depends on it."

Labor's agricultural spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon is surprised by the team's shift from industry as ALEC and the National Farmers Federation felt against the opposition policy before the elections in 2016. [19659003] Ms Ley believes that an independent inspector risks being a "toothless tiger", which serves as a bandwidth solution.

The government has launched reviews for regulator and northern summer trade with domestic animals, as well as a whistleblower hotline.

Greens Senator Nick McKim said that if there was no parliamentary support to end the trade, his party would consider supporting a new regulator.



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