Fake producer tricks kids with ‘creepy’ scam


WHEN two mothers answered an online ad for their children to listen to Nickelodeon's Slimfest – the very first thing they had ever expected was to be exposed to a disease-scam.

And not just your daily scam – but a scary blurred grooming scam that could have robbed their children for their innocence too fast.

The prolonged advertisement was posted on a buy / sell / swap Facebook page of a man claiming that a new studio had just opened in Perth and they searched for five children aged 10- 15 years to become "messy and slim" with their families.

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As a definite probable bonus – the kids will check out the "behind the scenes" of the famous Kids TV channel's alleged new study.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That's because it's and here's why …

The first key issue with this ad is that there is no existing Nickelodeon study in Perth – let alone anywhere in Australia.

Another important fact to point out is that the last Slimfest to be held in Australia was in 2016.

However, this should not be confused with the Slime Cup TV series that children can rightly search for through the Nickelodeon's official Slime Cup -site.

But unless you did your research – there's no way you could ever know.

When Perth mom Cassy saw the ad, she immediately realized that this guy was anything but the right deal because she knew there was no such study in Perth.

Although she decided to play together so she could warn others – she never expects the way the scam would head in such a disturbing way.

The man who claims to be a studio producer who runs the auditions continued pushing to play "custard game" with his nine year old son online so her boy knew "what to expect" on the audition.

"That was when they mentioned the" Custard game ", which I got really beautiful," explains Cassy.

"Honestly I thought it would be another money scam (I often cheated money scammers and called them out for it) – but it took a rather creepy trip and since I made the post public I've got people inbound me Ads that are the same with different names, "she tells Kidspot.

Since her warning post, Cassy says she has heard from people in Darwin and Queensland – including a Brisbane mum, where communication became much more perverted.

The slaughtered mother, who did not want to be named, had a video call with the man who asked her nine-year-old daughter's general scientific questions.

"And if he got it wrong, he usually poured all of herself (fully dressed) in the shower," she explains to Kidspot.

"After the questions he pours Ed Custard over himself and he raised his shirt. It happened very quickly and I finished the video call."

"He later told me to ask if my daughter needed to see him pouring cream on himself and if she would be able to make slime and pour it over herself in a follow-up video call via Facebook. "

Then the trembling man had to call the bell again later in the evening.

"He asked if my daughter was still awake when he wanted to talk to her again. I'm completely confused that this happened. Fortunately, she did not understand what was actually his intention but she told me that it was strange. "

The shameless man who claims to be a" Slimefest producer "then disappeared without traces.

"When I checked his Facebook profile, he had deleted it as well as the commercial on the community side. The next morning, he announced again on the same page, but with another name (Lewis). All the messages that were written on Facebook became Also removed since his account "requires verification," she says.

"This was a very scary experience for my daughter (who would love to audition) and for me as a parent. Parents – Pay Attention … "

Official Nickelodeon events are promoted on their television channels, websites nick.com.au and nickjr.com.au, verified social media sites or through event partners," says a spokesperson Kidspot. [19659003] "Nickelodeon does not promote events or auditions in closed Facebook groups. Such posts are not affiliated with the company.

" We also offer a child-friendly online safety guide at http://www.nick.com.au/ info / safety . "




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