Michael McCormack National Press Club address: Bold idea for regions


It's one of the coolest ideas yet to ease big city taxes and expenses, and the man who runs the government here lies just behind it.

The government should consider building large cities from the bottom of subpopulated regions, acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack said today.

People struggling with high housing and road safety in Sydney and Melbourne would like to move in, Mr. McCormack told the National Press Club in Canberra.

"Build it and they will come" said about the immediate regional capitals, borrowed a line from the movie Field of Dreams .

And he described the appeal of regional capitals as being "big enough to find a good cup of coffee and they are small enough to care."

McCormack, Deputy President and Citizen's leader expanded his party's current decentralization policy, which was to develop existing cities.

And he came forward to the urban and regional development programs for the Whitlam Labor government 46 years ago.

It was a good thing to increase regional capitals and cities and lands around them by transferring officials.

"There are those who proposed to build new regional capitals, just build from scratch," he said. "Why not? Build it and they come. We must have a little blue sky vision."

"We must be courageous, we must be brave, we must do something about overload and overfilling. And we have to do it now.

"We need to seek support from the private sector by investing in national societies as well and encourage these communities to come behind the new businesses, the new jobs that do."

"We must have for the sake of our nation and to ease the overcrowding and congestion in our major cities, we must have a vision that extends beyond the grading.

" The political will must be there. "[19659003] ] McCormack, whose base in his seat at Riverina is Wagga Wagga, said the policy was characterized by regional liberals and citizens' leadership.

He said decentralization was a central plan for his party as a means of reducing house prices and create jobs outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

"These are amazing cities and they are international icons they are busy, they are crowded and as a nation we must solve this problem and we must address it now" he said.

he said medical schools could be established to increase the number of doctors in rural areas.



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