Airline sends checks to passengers on horror flight


SOUTHWEST Airlines has sent passengers from Flight 1380 excuses – and checks for $ US5,000 ($ 6500) – in an attempt to restore their trust to the airline after an engine shutdown has led to a passenger's death.

About 20 minutes in his flight from New York City to Dallas, waste from the Boeing 737 engine destroyed a window whereby passenger Jennifer Riordan was sucked partially through the hull .

The passengers dragged her back inside, but died in a Philadelphia hospital after the creeped plane had made a distress landing with her captain Tammie Jo Shults, a former navy flute at the check.

"We appreciate you as our customer and hope you will give us another opportunity to restore your trust to the southwest as the airline you can count on for your travel needs," says a letter to passenger Kamau Siwatu according to CNN .

"In this spirit, we send you a check amount of $ 5,000 to cover your immediate financial needs," read the letter.

In addition to the money, passengers will receive a $ 1,000 travel voucher "as a tangible gesture of our sincere sincerity," according to the letter, signed by southwest president Gary Kelly.

Such payments are not uncommon in such situations, says Mary Schiavo, a transport attorney and CNN analyst.

"It gets money in the hands of people who need it for advice or something," she said.

The federal authorities are investigating why a fan blade dropped the left-hand engine of 32,000 feet and penetrated the window.

The United States National Transport Safety Board will investigate how an internal cracking of the blade led to the accident.

The crack that could not be detected from the outside was consistent with metal fatigue, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt has said.

"I know people want answers right away. We would do a very methodical survey," Sumwalt said. "Right now we just want to document everything we can."

This article was originally shown on New York Post and has been reissued with permission.



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