Ash Hewson holds nerve to kick NSW to golden-point win over Queensland


When the weather gets hard, it's going to be hard.

Or, you can say that anyway.

When it comes to Waratah's women's team, they look at Ash Hewson.

The veteran NSW skipper once again delivered to Waratah's Super W Grand Final and with two crucial plays contributed to winning the opening premiership for NSW in an exciting golden-point victory.

Following an epic decider who covered a fantastic first Super W season, scores between Waratahs and Queensland were locked after 80 minutes. Good after.

In an extra minute, Queensland managed to score when Samantha Treherne drove to the corner for what would have been a match winner.

Last Defense Hewson drew an excellent attempt – even on his own line smashing her rival fullback backwards and in touch.

The decision-maker went to golden points, but after two five minutes, teams could still not be separated, and it appeared that the first Super W trophy would be split as per. Rules for such a scenario.

With NSW on the attack after the siren had sounded, a brain fade a Queensland forward penalty immediately in front of the bars – and up 37-year-old Hewson poured.

The former Long Bay prison guards roasted the ball through the target posts and were flooded by their jubilee teammates.

The bad Queenslanders fell down to the ground next to them. They deserved more, and even if a shared trophy would have been unusual, it would not have been unfair.

This was a final that more than turned out to be raising Australian women's fiftean players to a big new TV platform. 19659003] It had it all: massive hits, power, skills, passion and end-to-end excitement.

Those responsible for compiling highlighting rolls will be able to pick out half a dozen moments that any Grand Final men or women would be proud of.

The game lit them.

After a hard hit first quarter, NSW led 3-0, Queensland flank Lavinia Gould cleared a pass from Cobie-Jane Morgan on the tail of a lineout and raced 55 meters to score.

NSW got back upfield but between Queensland's defense rejected NSW runners. And when it came to the big Queensland prop Liz Patu, they almost buried. She smashed more people, no more than bad old Morgan.

NSW grabbed another penalty to lead 6-5 in a half second, but another highlight powder saw Queensland score another attempt after the break when Ashlee Knight fought Hewson into the dirty with an all-hours and then drove 50 meters to the line.

The NSW team turned to their big forward to come back in the game, and scored 65 minutes through Melissa Fatu after a billion pick and drive. [19659003] Queensland hit a penalty kick in the dying minutes to take the game for extra time and rejected a 19-phase attack from NSW at golden point.

The thrill rose and it became hard. So what might have been her last game to NSW saw Waratah's women to Hewson – and she delivered.



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